Introducing Switchex!

September 04, 2018

Introducing Switchex!

Our customers LOVE our dimmable drivers. They're our most popular type of power supply, and with good reason : they're the only way to get smooth and consistent dimming for your LED light strips or other low voltage lighting products - until now.

Introducing the brand new Switchex Driver and Dimmer in one :


The Switchex combines a dimmer switch with a compact dimmable driver in a package small enough to fit into a standard electrical box. Now you can have smooth high voltage dimming right at your fingertips without the labor intensive and complicated installation process required for traditional dimmable drivers. 

Solved with Switchex : Three common problems with dimmable drivers

1) Compatibility issues : You've found a dimmer switch that you like and you bring it to the job site only to find it isn't compatible with your dimmable driver. It either doesn't work at all, or the dimming is inconsistent or results in flickering. 

2) Installation woes : You spend time finding a location to mount the dimmable driver, then you pull wires both to and from that location. You make several connections and then make sure it works. If it doesn't you spend additional time troubleshooting which connection is to blame, and if everything looks good, you wonder (again) if you have a compatible dimmer...

3) Unattractive installations : You've spent an hour on the install and it finally works, but you've had to mount the driver underneath the cabinet to try to keep it out of the way, and you've had to drill some extra holes to run the wires through the back of the cabinet. It's not quite the professional look you had in mind.

Solve all three problems with the Switchex. The switch and driver are one unit, so there's no compatibility or installation issues, and because it all fits inside a standard electrical box you have less components to hide!

Switchex is the winner of the Product Innovation Award in the Components & Light Source Category for Architectural SSL Magazine - and is designed to make your installation easier with these time and money saving features :

- Three faceplate color options : Glossy white, glossy light almond and glossy brown
- Fits standard electrical box
- UL-Listed and Class 2 compliant
- Available in 12 volt and 24 volt
- Single pole switching

 Stop thinking about making the switch to LED lighting. We've made one for you!

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