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Mardi Gras Umbrella DIY Project

Posted on February 08 2016

Want to learn how to make your very own Second Line Umbrella for Mardi Gras? Well we have just the video for you after the break.



The second line umbrella is a mysterious part of New Orleans culture.  Well maybe not mysterious, but I sure didn't know what they were for before making this video. Turns out the history is pretty straight-forward.

In New Orleans there is the second line. Today you can see small walking parades with brass bands all over the city. Mardi Gras second lines. Wedding second lines. Bar Mitzvah second lines. And Funeral Second Lines.

Only in New Orleans - via The New Orleans Advocate

That's right, the fun parade you had at your wedding was originally only for when someone died. It was a group of musicians, that usually offered their services for free, that would march in the funeral procession. They would play music to first mourn the death and then celebrate the deceased's life.

But what do funerals have to do with umbrellas? New Orleans is known for its sweltering heat. Anybody else remember Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire?

He's drenched in sweat the entire film. That's New Orleans for you. Hot and sticky.

During the funerals people would bring umbrellas or parasols to block out the sunlight and try to keep cool. They were already dancing for the second line, so why not dance with the umbrellas, right? Eventually people began decorating these umbrellas, and a tradition was born.

With this project we carried on that tradition. I hope you like what we came up with. If you make your own Mardi Gras umbrella, send us some pictures. We'd like love to see them.



4 x Eclipse LED Light Strips 

1 x 4-Pin Connector 10 Pack

1 x 4-Way Multi-Color Splitter

1 x Battery Power Supply

1 x RF Controller

Paper Parasol
4 x Square Hankerchiefs
4 x Mardi Gras Appliques (or patches)
Spray Adhesive
Sequin Glue
Colored Feathers
Duct Tape
Festive Ribbon


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