New Hitlights New Mini LED Driver to Watch Out For

HitLights is excited to announce the launch of the new Mini LED Driver this September 2023. Engineered to empower lighting designers with enhanced efficiency and flexibility, the Mini LED Driver provides efficient, customizable lighting solutions for your business, home, and projects. These compact drivers pack 60W 12V, 60W 24V, and 96W 24V of power in a convenient, easy-to-install form factor.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits:

  • Compact size - Allows easy fit and integration in most space constraint projects and installations. 
  • Versatile Installation and Stylish Design - This is the “Future of Custom LED Lighting”, before it was hard to hide and work with bulky drivers, now with just under 2 inches wide - this mini LED driver will allow you to bring more of your designs to life. 
  • High Quality Standards - Classified as Class 2, RoHS certified, and UL listed, this certification guarantees the driver’s reliability, efficiency, and adherence to safety requirements.
  • Universal compatibility - Works with Triac phase, MLV (leading edge), ELV (trailing edge) dimmers. Driver, dimmer, and LED compatibility issues resolved with this universally compatible mini LED driver. 
  • Overload and short circuit protection mechanism - With its built-in protection and enhanced safety provide enthusiast and professional installers a worry-free, peace of mind, and a more reliable installation.
  • Optimal performance - No Derating, this dimmable driver is designed to work flawlessly even at 100% capacity. 
  • Competitive pricing - Surely a standout when it comes to its competitiveness, making it a cost-effective choice to other options in the market. It is an affordable driver but it does not compromise on quality, performance, and excellent value.

With HitLights LED drivers you get the performance and customization of LED lighting in a scaled-down, easy-to-install form factor. Experience bright, energy-efficient lighting with our new mini LED driver.

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*Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only.


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