Product Spotlight: B200 Battery Pack

Welcome to the latest HitLights' Product Spotlight where we go into detail about the different strips, kits, and accessories we have to offer!  This edition of the product spotlight will go over our latest and greatest edition to our family of batteries, the B200 Battery rated at 20,000 milliampere hours (mAh).

You can find this battery here.

1. What makes this battery the greatest edition?

As mentioned above, the 20,000 mAh this battery provides is what makes it superior. That means it can be utilized for applications requiring power for long lengths of time. In fact, we did some testing on some of our LED products at our facility and found out the following:

40 RGB LED modules lasted over 20 hours with one charge.
One LED Arm Light lasted over 30 hours with one charge.
Finally, two Luma20 standard density Cool White led strips lasted over 8 hours with one charge.

Although applications for this battery may vary, one useful application could be at a trade show exhibition in which a viable alternative is desired compared to paying a fee for usage of their electricity.

2. How would I calculate my power needs?

Please refer to this blog. In short, this battery has 240 watt hours so divide that number with the total wattage output of your LED product and you should get your answer. For example, one of our Luma10 regular density strips is 28 watts per 16.4 foot spool so 240/28 = ~8.5 hours.

3. Why are there two cables coming out of the battery per the picture?

Because one of the cables (The Female DC) is for charging the battery and the other (The Male DC) is for plugging into the LED lighting product.

4. Can I charge the battery while it is lighting LEDs?

You can but it's going to decrease the total lifespan of the battery, so yeah, probably not a good idea.

5. Where can I get this battery?

Right here

If you have any questions about the B200 Battery or other LED-related subjects, you can call our customer service number at 1-855-768-4135 or email us at