Synchronizing your R108 Controller

Round 2! A counterpart to Last Week's TSS


1. How do I sync an R108 remote to an R108 receiver?

First, you'll want to unplug your R108 receiver from your power adapter. Next step, plug the receiver back in to the power adapter.  Within five seconds of plugging the receiver in, press and hold the "Speed+" and "Speed-" buttons. Last step, check and make sure your LEDs flash a white-like color a few times to report a successful synchronization.

2. Why when I hit the power button do some receivers turns on and others turns off?

Odds are, some lights were already turned on when the others got synchronized, it's a common problem and happens a lot when people sync for the first time. To resolve the issue, press the power button some strips are turned on and the others are turned off. Then unplug the receivers that are turned off. Now press the power button again to turn them all off. With everything turned off, plug all the receivers back in. Finally, hit the power button and all your lights should come on together!

3. How far away can I be from my receivers?

A first down in football, sixty percent of the distance you should dig a latrine from your camp site, three stories, 4.235 Shaquille O'Neals laying end to end, what I'm trying to say here is thirty feet. Hopefully you learned at least one cool fact about thirty feet, I'm betting it was the latrine one, you could probably assume around four Shaqs would be thirty feet. Anyway, you can also use your remote through walls, as long as they aren't made of metal, not even Shaq can work through walls, but your R108 can!

4. How many animations are on the R108?

The R108 has nearly twenty dynamic modes, nineteen to be exact! To top off all those dynamic modes (which is just technical slang for animations!) the R108 has actually twenty static colors, so there's bound to be something in there that you like!



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