R101 In-Line RGB Multicolor LED Light Strip Controller : Button Control

Product Features : 
• 1 Color Key (20 Colors total) 
• 1 Animation/Function Key (19 Animations total) 
• 1 Speed/Brightness Key 
• 1 Year HitLights Warranty

  • For simple, 'set and forget' LED light strip projects. Push button control, no remote. 72 watts max.

    The HitLights R101 Multicolor LED Controller provides the same function as a remote control, but is compact and attached directly to your light strips. It is only a few inches long and simply plugs into your power supply and RGB LED light strips to give you full control over the lights! The HitLights R101 Multicolor LED Controller is rated for 72 Watts - around 36 feet of our Standard Density RGB 5050 Light strip or 18 feet of our High Density RGB 5050 Light strip.

  • Installation Instructions :

    • Connect your 12V DC supply to the DC jack input
    • Connect your 12V DC RGB LED Light Strips to the 4-pin output, making sure to align the arrows
    • Your controller is ready to go!
  • Specifications :

    • Input : 12V DC 
    • Output : 4 Pin RGB (Up to 72 Watts) 
    • Control : Easy touch buttons
    • Part Number : CTR-R101M

    Download Spec Sheet