T3 Multi Zone RGB Multicolor LED Light Strip Control System : Remote or Receiver

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For large or complicated multi-zone LED light strip projects. Requires one T3 controller and one or more T3 receivers. 180 Watts per controller.

The HitLights T3 Multi Zone System is the ultimate custom control option for any RGB LED Light Strip project. By combining one controller with up to ten receivers, you have the ability to control every receiver together or individually - all in the palm of your hand. Additionally, with a range of 98 feet, the RF controller can do so from just about any room in your home, office or place of business. The T3 Multi Zone System also features a unique color wheel for your choice of custom colors. The T3 is an extravagant solution, and is not for everyone - but there is no question that if you choose the HitLights T3 Multi Zone System you will have the highest degree of control and customization available at your fingertips. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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