Premium Luma10 (5050) LED Light Strip, Single Color (UL-Listed) 16.4 Feet - High Density [IP-30]

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Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Hoyos

I liked using these lights for years

frank c
Great lighting

I have always disliked the bulky under cabinet lights of the past. They look ugly and produce spotty lighting. These LED strip lights solve those problems. They produce even lighting and are virtually unnoticeable until you turn them on. When used in combination with a dimmer, you can get the desired lighting you want. These strip lights work great and customer service was good, as well. Would recommend. As a remodeler, I will definitely use these again.

Bob Lewis
These lights are awesome and easy to install

I spent a lot of time researching before I chose Hitlights. The most compelling feature was that you could cut the roll every 2 inches. One manufacturer has cut lines every 13 inches...that would prove to be disaster. The cuts that I had to make in the light string was easy and attached well to the connectors that I purchased. Make sure you buy 10 mm / 2 PIN connectors if you have single colored lights. I also purchased male/Female cable to get everything where it needed to be. There were outlets above the cabinets and that made life easy. I purchased 2 12 V power supply for each side of cabinets. It took less that 2 hours. I had to drill a few holes in top and bottom of a few cabinets to get the extension cable where it needed to be. Make sure you drill the holes big enough for the ends of the cable to pass through. Trust me...very easy with Hitlights.

Sean Halvorson
Best strip lights I've ever used.

So I've installed around 1600' of different led strip lights over the last few years, and these are the best standard density strips I've used yet.First off, the adhesive sucks on all led strips I've ever used. If you have metal, plastic, or finish grade wood it works fine. But if you have an uneven surface, I use screw clips and contact adhesive to stick them down.I also recommend you solder joints between pieces of strip (only hook up one strip to the source, don't daisy chain them).These are the most consistent strip lights I've ever used color and quality are excellent. Plus they're UL listed!

scott rufer
Great lights

Great lights

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