Premium Luma20 (2835) LED Light Strip, Single Color (UL-Listed) 10 Feet - Standard Density [IP-30]

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Great lights

Used them inside a diffuser channel. The push on connectors are a little tricky, can blink the lights. But that may just be my inexperience. Overall very happy. Much, much better than the Amazon junk.

Tiffany Allotta
Doesn’t come with plug!

Was so excited to get these for a plant cabinet, but when I received them, plug was not part of the product

Owen O.
These are VERY bright.

Excellent product. Easy to use. SUPER bright. 2x brighter than i had expected, which is great because I only needed one short section to brighten the entire desk surface under a floating shelf I built. The remainder is now on the ceiling in my shop in an area without much light. I just need to buy another switch and DC adapter...and an extension wire.

Great strips (written by a licensed electrical contractor)

These lights are fantastic. Same quality as the strips you'd get from a high end electrical supply house, at a far superior price. The double sided tape is extremely strong, and the lights are extremely bright, and available in just about every Kelvin. I am a licensed electrical contractor who has been installing LED strips for under cabinet lighting, and cove lighting for around 12 years, and was paying $12 per foot for my LED strips from my supply house for years. I went through numerous amounts of other strips, only to be disappointed in the overall quality, and/or longevity of them. Hitlights, has created a very high end product, at a very modest price. If you are looking for good, quality, UL listed (very important) strips, these are them. Do not forget to also buy a 12V transformer, and be conscious that it is listed as 12V and not 24V or 5V because neither will correctly work with a 12V coil of strips.

Lit my 12' enclosed work trailer like daylight inside! 828 lumen/ft 4000k Neutral is perfect.

I put together a 12' aluminum enclosed trailer for my repair business, I put white steel panels on the roof and painted the walls and floor a light gray, and put two strips of these Hitlights, 4000k high density 828 lumens per foot lights inside, in 10mm wide aluminum channel with lightly frosted lens covers, and it's absolutely perfect inside. Very bright, not at all harsh, and basically looks like daylight inside with no shadows where I'm working. The only thing I had to change, was that due to the amp draw, I noticed the end 10' away from my connectors were noticeable dimmer than the beginning. To solve this, I simply fed a parallel feed to the far edge of the LED strip, spliced in at the lead edge and fed another connector at the far end. It cured the problem perfectly, and made the whole strip a bit brighter as well, since it wasn't restricting power through the very small wires of the strip. This would likely not be an issue on the lower lumen, lower wattage strips.

I'm going to purchase Hitlights 3000k lower output strips for the undercabinet lighting in my kitchen basement theater, I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and honest lumen output of these lights! I've tried other overseas brands, and their lumen ratings are usually about 200% percent optimistic in my opinion, however I won't bother anymore, I'll simply head straight to whatever fits the bill from Hitlights!

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