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Premium Luma20 (2835) 'WAVE' LED Light Strip, Single Color (UL-Listed) : 414 Lumens per foot

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16.4 feet of Super-flexible LED light strips for tricky applications. Great for backlighting lettering, logos, or frames. Bendable, UL-Listed, 414 Lumens per foot.

Wave Strip, Very Cool White

Our Luma20 LED light strips are a simple and versatile lighting solution. Traditional LED strips have been limited in making tight turns by requiring our any angle or L connectors to make tight turns. With our new Luma20 Wave strips, you can make any kind of turn you need - without losing any light in the corners! Our Luma20 Wave strips are ideal for backlighting signs (or anything!) and are by far our most popular strip for use in lettering, where tight angles make traditional LED lights strips a pain. Additionally, our Luma20 Wave strips are our first strips to feature our new blue mounting tape, which is stronger and easier to use than the clear tape we've used in the past. You'll love how easy it is to install our Luma20 Wave strips.

These strips come in Very Cool White (6500K) and put out over 400 lumens per foot!

Product Features :
• Available in Very Cool White (6500K)
• Can be cut and reconnected every three LEDs
• Come with our new blue mounting tape - twice as strong as the old clear one!
• Available in IP-30 (Indoor) only
• 2 Year Warranty
• UL-Listed

Installation Instructions:
• Clean the surface you intend to stick the light strip to
Remove the backing strip from the adhesive tape
• Press and hold the light strip firmly against the surface
• Plug your light strip into a compatible 12V DC power supply or dimmer
• Connect your power supply to a wall outlet
• Enjoy your beautiful LED light strip!

Our light strips are also cuttable and connectable with extension cables

Specifications :
• Input : 12V DC
• Output : 414 Lumens per Foot
• Color Temperature : 6500K Very Cool White
• Power Requirements : 2.8 Watts per Foot
• Strip Width : 8 mm
• LEDs : 300 Per Spool
• Certification : UL-Listed
• Part Number : L2012V-651-1630-U-W