Single Color Mini Dial Dimmer

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Product Features :  
• Dial or Touch Control 
• Simple DC Jack Plug in 
• 1 Year HitLights Warranty

Installation Instructions :
• Connect your 12V DC supply to the DC jack input
• Connect your 12V DC LED Light Strips to the DC jack output
• Your controller is ready to go!

Specifications :
• Input : 12V DC 
• Output : Up to 4 Amps (48 Watts)
• Control : Dial

Download Spec Sheet

Simple 12V DC PWM dimming for smaller LED Light Strip projects. Dial and touch control options. 48 Watts max.

Our HitLights Single Color Dimmers connect to any single color LED light strips and are easy to use. You simply plug them into your 12V adapter at one end and your lighting source at the other. The dimmers will allow you to infinitely adjust your LED light strip’s brightness. We have a variety of models from simple dial dimmers, to elegant touch dimmers and high tech remote units.

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