Disposable Face Shield - 200 Pcs

Face Shields are used to protect the wearer's entire face from hazards such as airborne objects, debris, chemical splashes, or potentially infectious materials in medical and laboratory environments.

Case includes 200 pcs.

  • Complete Coverage: Longer and Wider, our face shields are designed to provide all-round protection for your face. The warped design ensures no invasion from the-top, side, or front.
  • Comfortable: The comfort sponge alleviates the pressure around your head together with the flexible elastic band to ensure comfort.
  • Anti Fog - Anti Static: Advanced technology with premium PVC material, our face shield is designed with an anti-static coating and will stay free from fog or static
  • 3.0 Thickness: Coating treatment, strong material, windproof, fog-proof and splashproof.
  • High-Quality: Environmental protection PET material Double-sided anti-fog treatment, for alternating hot and cold without compromising line of sight.