60 Watt DC Power Supply (UL-Listed) - 12 Volt

Product Features :
• Easy plug and play installation
• 2 year warranty
• UL-Listed

60 Watts / 5 Amps / 12 Volts DC

  • 110V AC to 12V DC Transformers - Driver for LED Tape Light and Other Low Voltage Devices. UL-Listed. Plug and play, no wiring.

    Our UL-Listed 12V DC power supplies provide the power you need to light up your LED light strips or other low voltage devices by converting your 110-240V AC power to the 12V DC that LED strips run on. They're available in various power ratings, from 15 Watts to 96 Watts and in various styles, from compact models that plug directly into your wall outlet to larger units capable of powering several rolls of strip.

    These premium power supplies are UL-Listed and come with a HitLights 2 year warranty.

  • Installation Instructions :

    • Plug AC Cord into wall outlet
    • Connect DC output plug to DC input plug on your LED light strip, controller or dimmer
  • Specifications :

    • Input : 110V-240V AC - (Direct wall plug with five foot input cable - standard North American NEMA 1)
    • Output : 12V DC / 60 Watts (5 Amps) - Four foot output cable with 5.5 x 2.1 mm DC jack
    • Dimensions : 33 x 120 x 50 mm (1-5/16 x 4-3/4 x 2 inches)
    • Certifications : UL-Listed
    • Part Number : HC65-120500

    Download Spec Sheet