24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switch - 60 Watt

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Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars well worth it

It was expensive, but worth every penny. was able to not worry about dealing with a transformer for under cabinet lighting. Saved me a lot of work

Donna S
Good solution

I initially had issues where the LED strip did not turn on but HitLights support sent me a replacement. The new switch worked perfect right out of the box. Tested with both regular and COB LED strips.

Vandalia Byrd
Easy to install under-cabinet lighting

I know little to nothing about electric, but I was looking for an affordable under-cabinet lighting solution that didn't require batteries. After a bit of internet research and a few YouTube videos I felt pretty confident I could install these lights myself without my husband's assistance.

The kit came with an adapter for the outlet and a dimmer on/off switch. I also ordered some HitLights connectors (6ft for the sink and microwave, 4 pack of 6 inch connectors to go between cabinets) which were pretty easy to use. It took a little effort with a pocket knife to force the plastic covers open on the connectors.

The install went pretty smoothly, I started with the piece closest to the outlet and worked around from there, checking the lights at each connection. There's no flickering, but the lights at the end of the run are slightly more dim than the lights at the beginning.

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