Premium Luma10 (5050) LED Light Strip, Single Color (UL-Listed) 16.4 Feet - High Density [IP-30]

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Product Features :  
• High-Density strip has twice as many LEDs and is twice as bright as the Standard Density strip
• Warm White or Cool White (3000 or 5000K)
• Can be cut and reconnected every three LEDs
• It comes with our new HIT blue mounting tape - twice as strong as before!
• Dimmable with HitLights LED Dimmable Driver or Ezdim
• IP-30 (Indoor)
• 6 Year Warranty

16.4 feet / 3.4 Watts / 384 lumens per foot / 10mm


  • 16.4 Feet of Adhesive Backed 5050 LED Light Strip - for Kitchens, Cabinets, Displays, Bedrooms, Crown Molding & More. 384 Lumens per foot. UL-Listed.

    Our Premium UL-Listed 5050 LED Light Strips are thin and discreet lighting products that can be mounted directly on most surfaces to provide professional-quality lighting effects. Our strips operate on 12V DC power and can be used with a variety of dimmers, switches, connectors, and other low-voltage accessories to accomplish a wide variety of lighting tasks. Not only are our LED Light Strips simple to install, but they can last for years with minimal power requirements

    Our Premium UL-Listed strips differ from our standard strips by using higher quality LEDs, a thicker and more durable strip, and by being made in our UL certified facilities. They're a higher quality product and therefore come with a six-year warranty.

    Our light strips are also cuttable and connectable with extension cables


  •  Installation Instructions :

    • Clean the surface you intend to stick the light strip to 
    • Remove the backing strip from the adhesive tape 
    • Press and hold the light strip firmly against the surface
    • Plug your light strip into a compatible 12V DC power supply or dimmer
    • Connect your power supply to a wall outlet 
    • Enjoy your beautiful LED light strip!


  •  Specifications :

    • Input : 12V DC
    • Output: 384 Lumens per Foot
    • Color Temperature: 3000K (Warm White) or 5000K (Cool White)
    • Power Requirements: 3.4 Watts per Foot
    • Strip width : 10 mm
    • LEDs : 300 perf 16.4 foot roll
    • Certification: UL-Listed

  • This Single Color Strip operates on 12V DC. To use it in your home or business you will need a power supply (sometimes called a transformer or driver) to convert your home's 110V AC power to 12V DC. The power supply you choose will need to be rated above the total wattage of the strip you are using (see specifications tab for power requirements per foot of strip). 


  • This strip is cuttable and connectable.

    You can cut it with scissors every three LEDs, and connect it with wire and solder - or with our solderless connectors.

    This strip is dimmable.

    You can connect a low voltage dimmer between it and your power supply - or you can use dimmable power supply and a high voltage dimmer switch installed before the dimmable power supply. An EZDim dimmer switch has a built-in dimmable power supply - and is a very easy install.

    This strip is easy to install.

    It comes with adhesive backing tape. For difficult installations, particularly if you're installing it upside down or outdoors, you might require our heavy duty mounting tape or aluminum channels.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
My brother that installs commerical LEDs for his job recommended this product

My brother that installs commerical LEDs for his job recommended this product. He uses them. They are great. Exactly as promised. They are super bright, we used them in an undercabinet lighting system. If I were to do it all over again, I would use less of the lights, so I could make them more dim. But I have them connected to a dimmer, so I can turn them down as needed. Used a 60W powersource and a remote switch with a dimmer. That way I had less rough electrical work. I soldered the joints to make them stronger than the clips one can purchase.

scott rufer
Great lights

Great lights

Stephen Saint Clair
Have you gone to a movie theater and felt a ...

Have you gone to a movie theater and felt a warm, intimate glow from the dimmed lighting? Try these.

Alex P
Just right

I'm a very picky consumer, it takes a lot to impress me. Before buying the lights, I called "Hit Lights" with some questions. They did a great job informing me about LED strip lighting. The product came and did exactly what I expected - dimming (in sync with several LED puck lights on the same circuit), cutting, soldering, etc - it went very smoothly. Would highly recommend the company and their product.

San Jose Reviewer
The right color

When looking for LED strip lights, it has been hard to find one with a good color. Some other ones claim to be warm white, but they come out as pinkish purple. While the high density one is closer to a daylight color, it does run a little warm as far as physical temperature is concerned. For my needs, I need to get the low density lights

I also definitely recommend getting the connectors from Hitlights if you plan on doing any sharp turns in the lights.

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