HitLights has been specializing in LED services since its formation in 2010, when our owner and CEO Bin Yu formed the company through the Louisiana State University Business Incubator Program. From these humble beginnings, HitLights swiftly grew to employ twelve full-time staff members at our Louisiana facility as well as holding a majority stake in a LED strip light manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China.
Today, HitLights is a major player and a recognized name in the North American Linear LED market, particularly amongst display, exhibit, and gaming manufacturers who choose HitLights for our superior quality products, our fast turnaround times, and our vast range of customization services - all provided by our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly customer service team. We strive to be a ‘one stop shop’ for our LED customers by carrying everything you need to complete your project, including power supplies, controllers, dimmers and more.
Customers choose HitLights when they face logistical challenges - such as getting large quantities of products quickly; when they lack the means, ability, or time to customize, wire, or assemble LED products or wiring harnesses; when they’ve found it hard to find consistently high quality products; or when they’ve found it hard to find a supplier who can provide the above (and more) all in one place.

Meet our team
Bin Yu
CEO and Founder
Employee since : 2010

Favorite thing about HitLights : The spirit of teamwork and personal growth

Unique attributes
 : Building, nurturing, and strengthening relationships - and educating! 

Favorite Animal : Monkey
Jason Ruiz
Director of Operations
Employee since : 2014

Favorite thing about HitLights : The good times shared together, and a great team!

Unique attributes
 : The ability to bring all the small pieces together into a greater whole

Favorite Animal : Tiger
Mika Torkkola
eCommerce Manager
Employee since : 2014

Favorite thing about HitLights : The people  - employees, customers, and associates are all amazing!

Unique attributes : Actually enjoys using spreadsheets

Favorite Animal : The noble capybara
Jane Zhong
Employee since : 2012

Favorite thing about HitLights : The great team, and the different cultures that they represent

Unique attributes
 : Constant improvement and innovation

Favorite Animal : Dog
Jean Tokarz
Account Manager
Employee since : 2014

Favorite thing about HitLights : Providing her with the opportunity to develop exceptional business client relationships.

Unique attributes
 : Enthusiasm and focus to service customers as her driving force to achievement at HitLights.  

Favorite Animal : Jean admires elephants for their intelligence, personality/nature, and their strong family bond.
Lesa Poche
Account Manager
Employee since : 2017

Favorite thing about HitLights : The amazing HitLights team!

Unique attributes
 : A passion for learning to better help our customers and emoji stress squeeze balls for everyone

Favorite Animal : Her Yorkie, Phoebe Marie
At HitLights, we pride ourselves on being more than just another LED vendor, so if you’re looking for an LED partner , contact us at customerservice@hitlights.com so we can help you get started.