Display and Exhibit 12V DC LED Arm Light : 2 Pack

Smooth and even lighting for exhibits, displays, and trade show booths. Black and Silver housing options. 12 Watts, 1000 Lumens.

Illuminate your exhibit or display with our new LED arm lights, which are designed to eliminate hot spots, be easy to install, and provide a lot of light for minimal power.  Because they're a low voltage light (see our 12V DC power supplies for power options), they're safe for anyone to handle and install, meaning you save on installation costs; plus, because they're LED, they'll last much longer than traditional halogen lights so that you won't have to purchase expensive replacement bulbs or spend time installing them.

Specifications :
• Input : 12V DC 12 watts
• Output : 1000 Lumens 6500K
• Certifications : CE UL-Listed and SAA approved
• Part Number : ARM12V-60160-012-BLK-2PK