RGB Bar Light : 19.5 Inch

Product Features : 
• Plug and play installation - no soldering or screw terminals
• Includes mounting holes and 4 pin connector
• Compatible with our RGB controllers

  • 19.5 inch (15 Watt) RGB LED light bars for light boxes and wall washing.

    Looking to add some colored light to a wall, backlight some signage, or build a light box? Our new RGB LED light bars are just what you're looking for. They run on 24V power supplies for maximum brightness, and are compatible with all of our RGB controllers.

  • Installation Instructions :

    Coming soon

  • Specifications :

    • Input : 24V DC, 15 Watts
    • Output : RGB
    • IP33 (Indoor only)
    • Warranty : 2 Years
    • Part Number : BAR24V-MC6-023-U