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RGB LED Light Modules : 20 Pieces

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For backlighting or edge lighting in multicolor! 20 modules per set.

Luma10™ Series LED Light Modules provide light to unique, custom shapes by utilizing flexible wiring between each small section of multicolor LED's.  These modules are completely waterproof and come with a durable 3M foam adhesive backing, which makes them well-suited for outdoor installations.  They require a multicolor controller and a 12V DC power source to operate, so be sure to check out the related products to ensure a quick set-up!

RGB Module, 20 pieces

Product Features :
• Luma10™ Series LED Light Modules can be formed to nearly any shape and linked together for scalable custom lighting projects.
• These modules can be used with many different RGB controllers and multicolor accessories.
• Includes 3M Foam Tape adhesive backing.
• Modules consume very low amounts of energy and last over 25,000 hours of use.

Specifications :
• Part Number : LM_RGB50503LED