Standard Luma10 (5050) LED Light Strip, RGB Multicolor - High Density Weatherproof [IP-65]

Product Features :  
• RGB controllable with compatible RGB controller
• Can be cut and reconnected every three LEDs
• Come with included 3M adhesive backing for easy application
• IP-65 (Weatherproof)
• 1 Year Warranty 

  • 16.4 Feet of Adhesive Backed 5050 LED Light Strip - for Kitchens, Cabinets, Displays, Bedrooms, Crown Molding & More. Multiple density and IP-rating options.

    Our 5050 LED Light Strips are thin and discreet lighting products that can be mounted directly on most surfaces to provide professional-quality lighting effects. Our strips operate on 12V DC power, and can be used with a variety of dimmers, switches, connectors, and other low-voltage accessories to accomplish a wide variety of lighting tasks. Not only are our LED Light Strips simple to install, but they can last for years with minimal power requirements

    Our light strips are also cuttable and connectable with extension cables
  •  Installation Instructions :

    • Clean the surface you intend to stick the light strip to 
    • Remove the backing strip from the adhesive tape 
    • Press and hold the light strip firmly against the surface
    • Connect the 4-Pin input of the light strip to the 4-Pin output of your chosen RGB Controller
    • Connect the DC jack output of the power adapter to the DC jack input of the Controller 
    • Remove the tab from the battery compartment of the remote control 
    • Connect your power adapter to your wall outlet. Your light strip is now ready to use. 
  •  Specifications :

    • Input : 12V DC
    • Strip Width : 10 mm
    • Power requirements : 3.4 Watts per foot
    • LEDs : 300 per 16.4 foot roll

    Spec Sheet