Better Tradeshow and Lighting Events

Better Tradeshow 

& Events Lighting 

Better Tradeshow 

& Events Lighting 

The Significance of Proper Lighting in Tradeshows & Events

Transforming Spaces, With Proper Lighting

Inadequate lighting can cast a shadow over your exhibit, diminishing the overall impact and making it easy for your message to get lost in the dark. 

Without proper illumination, your brand might fade into the background, lost amidst the vibrant tapestry of the event.

Invest with a tradeshow light that puts your product and service offers into a spotlight and capture your audience. HitLights Tradeshow Lights is a great addition into your booth that will help address common tradeshow challenges below. 

What are the Common Tradeshow Lighting Challenges?

Preparing for Any Tradeshow & Events

Inadequate Illumination

Light Up to Attract Attention!

When you exhibit at a show, you must compete for attention in a space that’s visually chaotic. Adequate and proper lighting helps set you apart and more distinct from other booths, product, and service offerings.

Lighting is essential for attracting visitors to your booth. Set the right mood and highlight what's most important!

Color Choice Mismatch!

Represent your Brand With Color

Juggling and mixing color temperatures with multiple light sources proves challenging. Doing this creates confusion in your brand identity that may appear diluted and inconsistent.

Opt for LEDs with customizable color temperatures, creating a cohesive ambiance that resonates. Need help? Get in touch with our design experts for a free consultation here. 

Power Source Woes

Be Prepared and Flexible!

Limited power outlets become a bottleneck, restricting lighting options and placement. Frustration sets in, compromising the vision for an impactful booth lighting.

Navigate power constraints with low voltage energy-efficient LED lighting options that can be powered via your power outlet and batteries, offering flexibility and reliability.

Out of Shelf Options

Getting the Right Custom Tradeshow Lights!

Having a hard time finding the right custom lights for your tradeshow or event? Check out our custom lighting solutions. 

Opt for LEDs with custom brightness, length, color temperature, density, label, branding, and more.  Create a cohesive ambiance that resonates. Need help? Get in touch with our design experts for a free consultation here. 

Tradeshow Lighting Solutions

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HitLights Tools & Home Improvement 14V COB Tradeshow Armlights 20W, 2pcs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of LED arm lights?

LED arm lightsare a money- and power-saving option, far more energy-efficient, and last longer than halogen or incandescent bulbs. They provide uniform, glare-free lighting, eliminating hot spots and shadows for a polished showcase.

How do LED arm lights compare to traditional halogen lights in terms of energy efficiency?

What is the lifespan of LED arm lights?

LED arm lights have a prolonged lifespan due to LED technology, providing continuous, energy-efficient lighting for showcases. Backed by a 2 year warranty coverage.

Are LED arm lights safe for anyone to handle and install?

How do LED arm lights provide even illumination?

LED arm lights use efficient LED technology, such as COB (Chip on Board) technology, to ensure uniform, glare-free lighting, eliminating hot spots and shadows for a polished showcase

What are the different housing options for LED arm lights?

The housing is made of a combination of iron, aluminum, and ABS plastic. This combination likely provides a balance of durability, affordability, and weight.

How do LED arm lights contribute to safety and visibility in various applications?

LED arm lights contribute to safety and visibility by providing uniform, glare-free lighting, eliminating hot spots and shadows for a polished showcase. In other applications, adequate lighting helps both reduce potential threats and accidents.

Can LED arm lights be used outdoors?

No, the LED arm light and the COB Tradeshow Armlights are  available for indoor use only.

What is the difference between LED arm lights and LED strip lights?

The LED arm lights and the COB Tradeshow Armlights are designed to eliminate hot spots, be easy to install, and provide a lot of light for minimal power in a specific application or settings to boost visibility and attract clients when in a showcase, while LED strip lights are known for their low heat production, energy-saving properties, and various applications that extend up to custom fittings and more. 

What are the best tradeshow lighting option that I can use?

While LED arm lights and COB Tradeshow Armlights are popular choices when it comes to showcasing your products and service offerings as an on-shelf solution, best options would be custom fittings using LED lights both single color and multi-colored ones that will fit your brand and resonates most to your ideal clients and market.

If your event is still far away and need a Custom LED Lighting solution - we offer free consultation and assistance and we can help design and manufacture it for you - check out here!

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