3 Pre-Cut 12Inch/36Inch Eclipse Kit LED Strip Lights

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Great for undercabinet lighting

I used these to light under the cabinets over our prep area. It used to be so dark and hard to see what we were cutting but these light up the area great and the different colors are great too.

The adhesion is awesome on these. Just peeled off the backing and stuck them right to the bottom of my cabinets. They've been up for about 6 months now with no issues!

Will be ordering another set soon to finish the cabinets.

The only qualm inhad with these is the remote started having issues shortly after install.

Bert Armington
Love these guys

Using them in an antique corner cupboard and under a counter. They are replacing old 120v incandescent light strips and the difference is great. I only wish I could add one or two more 12 inch sections to each.

Love These Awesome LED Lights!

Great price, quick delivery, what’s more the quality and performance of the LED light strips are awesome!

The Product comes with:
1- 360° RF remote controller
2- 12V DC power supply
3- Pre-cut (12 Inches each) 50/50 LED Strip lights
4- extension wires (12 inches each)
5- (4 PIN) male connectors to connect to the (4 PIN) female strips and the extension wires.
6- Adhesive backed wire clips to help secure

The Critter
Hitlights Strip: Fun! Practical!

These lights are so much fun and practical too! They light up my kitchen counter perfectly, and with the remote I can easily add drama for any occasion. The dimmer function is excellent too. No matter the color you choose, you can brighten or dim the setting to your liking.

I thought it was pretty amazing to get these features for so little. I still do.

Confession Time: I like them so much, but had to order another set today since I didn't install the first set properly. The place I need them is under cabinetry in my kitchen - a place very awkward to work in. (VERY AWKWARD!)

My first mistake must've been that I didn't prepare the surface to mount them on well enough.

My second mistake, I think, was I didn't make certain the connections between each spacer and light strip were SNUG.

My biggest mistake, however, was not mounting them onto a length of cardboard or something like that and then attaching the whole works under the cabinet. That way, they can be assembled AND tested BEFORE being attached to the permanent surface.

I'm explaining all this because someone out there may find themselves in a similar situation. Believe me, I'd never confess all my errors here unless I thought someone might be helped! My humiliation will have been all worth it!

Bottom line: This little lighting setup is awesome and if you take just a little extra time doing it right, you'll be very pleased!

Overall Satisfied

I mounted these on the rear edge of my desk for some backglow against the wall. They can get decently bright, though I feel like the lowest brightness setting is still a bit bright and wish they could dim a little further. Not a huge deal.

They've got a few modes to cycle through, like pulsing colors or spectrum cycling, though the speed on 'moving' colors is also still fast on lower settings so you won't get a slow color shift here. Otherwise, you can just keep it on a solid color.

I am good with it overall. It is pretty responsive to the remote, even tucked away behind my PC. The adhesive seems strong and they feel of higher quality than some cheaper kits you can buy on here.

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