What are LED Light Bars?

1. What are the advantages of LED light bars over regular LED strips?

While LED strip lights are the bread and butter of most DIY lighting projects, there are some situations that call for a more refined touch, and that's where the LED Light Bars come into play. The bars feature a solid, durable, and structurally rigid design that's more suited for lights in a more high traffic area. They also come in much shorter installments, as opposed to the standard sixteen feet of LED strip lights that you're probably so used to. Think about it, if you want to light an area like a bookshelf, you'll want a light thatnot only fits without needing to be cut down, but can also handle some heavy hard cover books bumping into it now and again. Another clutch feature of the bars is that they can be mounted as is with no additional equipment needed (save a screwdriver, but we don't sell those.)

2.  What are on the ends of the bars?

Those, my dear friend and faithful reader, are for connecting LED Light Bars together, end to end. What it is, is a clip and 4-pin connection plug, so you can connect bars directly together. It also allows you to connect to a 4-pin wire, so that you can continue your installation around a corner or other angle. Want some more benefits of the 4-pin connection plug? Here's one, our LED strip lights use the same type of connection, so you can connect strips to bars, or bars to strips, or bars to bars to strips to bars to strips, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination (which is limitless by the way!)

3.  What strip is comparable to the LED Light bars?

Our LED light bars use the same light emitting diodes as our SMD 5050 Multicolor High Density LED Strip Lights, resulting in a bright, reliable light that you can control with the receivers and remotes you've already got for your LED strip lights! The SMD 5050 HD lights are the brightest option we offer at Hitlights, so it can fill the role of any type of lighting you want to achieve, be it accent lighting in a display, or task lighting by mounting the bar over a work bench, or subtle lighting by installing them under your kitchen cabinets!

4.  How do I mount the LED Light Bars?

We've taken care of steps one through three for you already, just two left to go! We made the LED Light Bars and mounting clips, sent them to you, AND we even included screws. All that's left to do is find a screwdriver and screw the clips into your desired mounting area. Then, the last step is to simply clip your LED Light Bar into place! These mounting clips offer a much stronger hold than the standard adhesive that comes on the LED strip lights, so if you're looking for lighting for an outdoor or high traffic area, these LED Light Bars and their mounting clips will be your best friend!


5. How many LED Light bars can I use with one power adapter?

Okay, I know it's been some time since I brought that evil known as math into the Trouble Shooting Series, but we're gonna need it again, apologies in advance. Thankfully, the math here is pretty simple. Each LED Light Bar uses right about four watts of power, so what you'll need to do is find the wattage of your LED power adapter, and divide it by four. The result will be how many LED Light Bars you can use with that LED power adapter. For example, the classic twenty-four watt adapter could support six bars, the sixty watt adapter allows you to use fifteen bars, and the three hundred and fifty watt adapter can only handle a measly eighty-seven bars, with a spare two watts remaining. Remember, you'll need to use an amplifier after every sixteen bars!



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