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Wholesale Single Color LED Lights

Gone are the days when we rely on flickering fluorescent lights to brighten our rooms. With the discovery of wholesale single color LED lights, we get to enjoy brightness for a lot less energy and with lower maintenance!

Not to mention, there are various applications for LED lights, such as indoor and outdoor LED strips, waterproof LED strips, and single color LED lights—so one can get the full lit experience whatever their space may be.

Learn more about wholesale single color LED lights and how they can transform your space!

What are Single Color LED Lights?

Single color LED lights, also known as monochrome LED light strips, are a type of LED light that comes in the form of strip lights or tape lights and have the LEDs in a single color.

Several small and uniform colored LEDs are attached linearly, on a flexible circuit board. This flexible circuit board comes in strip form with an adhesive behind it, so it can be attached on virtually any surface to provide illumination.

Compared to LED bulbs, LED strips provide a lot more customization while packing a lot of power. One can cut LED strips to the length of their choice and bend them however they want. The peel and stick function in LED strip lights also make them easy to use. And with the function to adjust brightness, LED strip lights can work in virtually any setting.

Single color LED strip lights usually come in various shades of white. In HIT Lights, we have warm white at 2700K to 3100K, cool white at 5000K to 6500K, and neutral white at 3900K to 4200K.

Warm white single color LED lights are reminiscent of firelight and evoke a homey and cozy feeling. Because of this, they are often used in homes, hotels and inns, and other establishments for relaxation.

Meanwhile, cool white single color LED lighting has hints of blue and is similar to daylight. Cool white LED light reminds us of being out in the sun during the day. It actually mimics sunlight, which is known to positively impact mood. As such, cool white LED strips are a popular choice in office buildings to help liven up or cheer up workers.

Lastly, neutral white single color LED light strips have a balance of cool and warmth, which make them perfect to use in settings where color distortion is to be avoided. Neutral white LED lighting is usually used for displaying art, merchandise, and photography.

Uses of Single Color LED Lights

There are plenty of LED products in the market today. But most interior designers gravitate towards using single color LED lighting because its customization and convenient design lend it to a wide variety of uses.

Single color LED light strips make for great home accents, especially if the lighting is warm. They can be used to line cabinets and shelves. They also serve as a great backlight for kitchen counters, bathroom mirrors and sinks, and dressers.

Neutral white LED lighting can work wonders in showcasing store merchandise and museum and gallery displays. The even light distribution and neutral color temperature prevent any distortion and exhibits attraction in all their colorful glory.

LED strip lights can be made waterproof and dustproof with an ingress protection (IP) rating. This makes them safe for outdoor use and perfect for lining handrails, lighting staircases, or highlighting outdoor decor.

The strip format of LED lights makes them ideal for lining shelves. This makes them a great lighting option in stores where products on display shelves need to be presented for optimal customer view.

With the necessary environmental protection, LED strip lights make an excellent accent to billboards and signage—drawing in needed attention, especially at night.

Stages often rely on lighting to draw attention. LED strip lights make great accessories for stage design. Their bendable form makes them easy to place in various locations, which allows them to highlight other details of the stage layout.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Single Color LED Strips

LED strip lights can be cut to your desired length. They're also used to line various objects at a time and are best bought in bulk to save on money.

LED strip lights can be customized to your desired voltage. This gives you the option to save on energy without skimping on lighting. After all, LEDs are powerful and can be designed for personal use or industrial use.

LED strip lights last a long time before the lights begin to dim. On average, they can operate for 40,000 to 50,000 hours. This means you don't have to purchase them often for replacement.

LED strip lights generate a lot less heat than other lighting options. This makes them more sustainable for the environment, and also safer to be left on for long hours at a time.

Buy Wholesale Single Color LED Light Strips

Illuminate your space today with HIT Lights' premium single color LED strips!

At HIT Lights, we offer Under Laboratories (UL)-listed wholesale single color LED lights with a six-year warranty, so you can rest assured you're only getting high-quality products even with wholesale prices. Our premium single color LED strips are available in three color temperatures and come in standard and high-density options to suit your needs.

If you're looking for other LED products, you can go to our website to check them out! We offer them in various categories, specifications, and prices to provide the solution to your lighting needs.

Let us know your exact specifications, so we can help you shop for the best LED strips and give you a free quote. Contact us at HIT Lights today!