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Worked perfect

Check your wattage consumption to make sure you get the right one and all should be good
installed and working great! No flickering
Hopefully it will stay that way for years.

Quality of product

My order was processed quickly. The technical support team (Erick) provided excellent help and are very responsive.

Lights look great.

I installed the 2 26.5 ft straps and power supplies. I was disappointed when I saw that the light strips have a molded plug connector to connect to the power supply but the power supply had 2 bare wires. When I made the purchase, I specifically asked if I needed anything else and was assured I did not. I cut the plug off and carefully stripped the cord off the wires inside and made the necessary connections. The lights are very nice and work great.

Very easy to install

These LEDs where easy to install and very straight forward. With basic soldering knowledge along with help from hit light it was easy to set up. Lights are bright and evenly lit from end to end. My project consist of four ten foot sections and no flickering or dead spots. Strips came with 5 wire JST Connectors and I wish Hitlight would offer compatible connectors for an even easier set up and connivance all from one site along with a 5 wire extensions. other than that I am very pleased with the product and customer support.

Low Voltage Lighting

This driver is excellent and works fantastic with Lutron dimmers.

Remote Control Dimmer

This product works well. I used it to replace an old dimmer which went bad.

Great for Cabinet underlighting

I bought these lights as under lighting for my kitchen cabinets to help better illuminate the space . I ended up using most of the strip which was a little too much light. Fortunately I was able to use a dimmer (also bought from HitLights) to get to the right level. Installation was easy with the HitLight clips I bought. The adhesive is strong and will require some adhesive dissolver if I ever want to remove them and not mess up the wood of the cabinets.

I bought the warm light version which I think is a nice balance between warmness and color reproduction. My wife thinks we should have gone with the 2700k lights because they’re not warm enough. In any case they still fit with other warm lighting that we have in the apartment. As always HitLights provide a reliable, accurate light compared to a lot of the junk on Amazon.

One thing to note, under these lights our stainless steel sink looks more of a matte gray than shiny metal. I promise you it’s not because the sink is dirty. We have no other stainless in the kitchen so it’s not a big deal. If you have a lot of stainless, might want to test these out before fully committing to make it looks good.

They work great!

and just what was needed, Thanks, ML...

DO not mount under Wood Cabinets

Hit lights are OK, the customer service is very good and help confirm you have ALL the items to complete the job. However the reviews are correct, the strip led lights produce a lot of heat and should not be mounted under wood cabinets without a protective base/sleeve. The lights were brilliantly bright (ie heat!) several lights overheated and the string lost their illumination. I replace the HitLights with a ready to mount store (Lowes) alternative. Do read ALL reviews and get expert help if needed.

120W DC Power Supply 110V AC to 24V DC

Received the Power Supply as advertised. Looks good to me

indirect lighting worked perfectly!

Thanks for your help and answering questions. What you recommended worked perfectly! Here is just one of the locations I installed the LED tape lighting. ML...

Pricey but worth it

I am doing a complete kitchen remodel and wanted both under cabinet task lighting as well as illumination for decorative glass door cabinets. I ordered (2) COB light strips with (2) 24V dimmer switches. I've tested them and the light strips are nice and bright and don't require diffuser strips. The dimmers have drivers built in and work flawlessly. I ran power to the switches and then direct out to the light strips. Easy-Peasy. I had a question before ordering and called the customer service number. Got to talk with a knowledgeable rep and got the answer I hoped for.

Surface mount channel 5 pack

Perfect product for mounting LED strip lighting, good heat sink and nice diffuser cover to distribute the light and keep the LEDs dust free. I have looked at comparable aluminum channel and by far this is a great price for a great product.

Excellent service & help with use of products.

Two sided tape

It was exactly what I needed. I used it to help hold tail lights on golf cart. It worked great.

HitLights Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights
Lorna Konyak

HitLights Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

LED Light Strip

The product is well made and reliable. It is a highly recommended lighting product.

Great Color Quality

Bought these lights for a first time indoor LED project in my apartment. Didn't end up needing the waterproofing but was able to remove the cover and reapply the adhesive to the strip itself. They are used to uplight indoor plants and the warm white is very inviting. Happy with the color quality compared to some of my purchases on Amazon. Very happy with the dimmer remote and power supply that I bought along with. At the time of purchase they were out of some of the solderless clips that I needed so had to resort to Amazon for those (ended up not being the best). The lights do run a little hot however it hasn't affected the adhesive for the 6 months that I've had them. Will consider this brand for future projects.

Dimmable lights

They are awesome nice amount of light

Premium Luma10 (5050) LED Light Strip, RGB Multicolor (UL-Listed) - Standard Density Indoor, 16.4 Feet [IP-30]
Herman Kirschnick

The product seems to be good. The process in getting to the final outcome was a bit frustrating. Following the instructions from the technical group led both of us into a lengthy process due to mis communication and technical difficulties. After correcting the issues with the technical group we were able to complete and deliver a successful product. While it was very frustrating from my perspective I have to commend the technical group for striving for a successful outcome and also able to diagnose the issue at hand and pass on the correction to the appropriate department.

96 Watt DC Power Supply (UL-Listed) - 12 Volt

It doesn't work...

Hello I just got my board today, but i couldnt make it work, It doesn't lite at all.

How can I send it back to get a replacement?

Hi Rodolfo, thank you for your feedback! We have sent you a message on your email so we can help you address your concern. You may also reach out to our technical team at or 1-855-768-4135.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Team HitLights

Works Great

Perfect for hanging what I needed to. Easy to apply as well

Hitlights Single Color Sample Board
Bolt & Regnerus Electric, Inc. #VALUE!

Hitlights Single Color Sample Board

HitLights Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Light wont stay on for more than 2 hrs the timer doesnt work and the charging block doesnt work