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Have not instilled them yet but the one I have from before are great.

Great Service!

Had my power supply die on me but HitLights 5 year warranty saved the day. Reached out, explained my situation, and a new one was shipped just like that. Best customer service I have had in a long time. Thanks again!

2Pin 10mm LED Connector Kit: Gapless Connector, Jumper Connector, Pigtail Connector, DC Female Connector, DC Jack Splitter

Barrel connector

If you sell a power supply you should sell a matching female barrel connector.


Works like a dimmer?

3 Head Plant LED Grow Lights

I’m Mister Happy!

HITLIGHTS provided a recommendation on what lights to use and how many strips we needed to provide lighting for our “Shabin”. Rainier provided an excellent recommendation that did just what I asked for! Excellent!


The COB LED lights gave off tremendous light and the 3000K was just the right balance between warm and cool. With the recommended dimmer switch, the dimming is flawless. The transformer was easy to work with. Dario, from Hitlights gave invaluable, and patient guidance.

24 VDC. 2.5 amps. Power supply

Works fine looks good. Thank you

Works well

Did exactly what it is supposed to - I replaced a bad unit and this one works fine.

Under cabinet lignts in kitchen

We had to change out the builders lighting that they installed when they built the house. My first time using this product, was very happy with the quality and price. The delivery time was slow but was not in a rush anyway because old ones were working but not much light left in them. Yes l would work with the products they sell over and over again.

Double sided

Strong adhesions connection wood trim to glass mirror
Great product

60 watt magnetic led driver

The Hitlighs 40 & 60 watt 24 volt dc rated led drivers are the perfect driversfor all our linear led lighting. Thank you for making such a great product. Mark

Weatherproof 4 Pre-Cut 12Inch/48Inch RGB LED Strips Eclipse Kit

60 Watt DC Power Supply (UL-Listed) - 12 Volt

36 watt

I like that series because it's shape makes it easy to tuck into places.

amazing flexibility

I needed special requirements on the transmitter remote and your team came through, quickly and professionally. I have worked with HitLights on multiple occasions and have had the same amazing service. Thank you HitLights

40 Watt M-Series Dimmable Driver (Magnetic, ETL, USA Assembled) - 24 Volt

60 Watt M-Series Dimmable Driver (Magnetic, ETL, USA Assembled) - 24 Volt

Quick and Easy

Perfect for attaching power source to strip light.


Easy to install works great 👍