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it does not stick!

We had to buy and replace the whole kitchen one more time due to the double stick tape did not work.

Quality products and service!

Hitlights has such quality products. I did, however, order the wrong width mounting tape. I’m hoping I can return it. If not, I’m sure I can use it for my next order. Their customer service is outstanding!

Excellect, even strip lighting

Hot spots are no more ! This is the best strip lighting as it's simply a solid strip of light. There's no need to put it in a channel unless it needs mechanical protection or there's a aesthetic consideration of it being visible.

Excellent customer support.

Wasn’t sure exactly what I needed for my LED project until the friendly customer service agent explained everything in detail. Quick and easy emailed quote to me for verification and then I made the payment online. Received in a few days. Highly recommend them.

Quality Product

Great product works as advertised

Excellent quality LEDs with configurable length options

The individual LED strips can easily be connected together to make them as long as desired. The lights themselves are much higher quality than the typical LEDs you can buy elsewhere. HitLights Support is outstanding.

Premium Luma5 LED Light Strip, Single Color (UL-Listed) 16.4 Feet - High Density [IP-30]

Good Product but needs work

The product itself it made well just like all of Hitlights but the install portion needs to be worked on. How you you cut and reuse the waterproof? Ive modified it to make it work but there has to be an easier way. Plus, where is an end cap to seal end when it is cut? Ive just had to fill it with clear silicone caulking to make it work.

yes everything you did for me was great

Sensitive product

My second product received, very sensitive at the connectors intermittent light strands go out by itself, controller has good functtions.

Led light strip

Good quality for an out door project. I definitely recommend this product, easy to install.

The best looking LED Strip lights yet...

I have been installing LEDs for years and this is by far the best looking so far. The continuous lighting is amazing and the brightness is perfect. Being able to dim them at night really looks cool. I am on the 3rd set now and plan to replace more of my old lights. I did have a slight issue with one strip but the customer service was incredible and replaced asap. Well done.

powers the LED tape lights

assembled and worked fine. I did purchase the in line dimmer but it melted. I guess couldn't handle the watts of a 16 ft tape light.

5000 sq ft assembly room with coffer light cove

Commercial installation that added significant highlight to complex coffer crown assembly. Jacob and Jun work with us to engineer and help us make the correct decisions. Much obliged.

Well designed unit

These 150w drivers are well thought out and help deliver a quality install

Walkway lighting

I installed them as walkway lighting under the exterior siding of the home using the corner channels and light strip. Homeowner was well pleased with the end result and the light output was perfect


We have been using these drivers for some time now and have not been disappointed. They are by far one of the best companies we deal with.

Top of kitchen cabinet uplighting

60 watt power supply is great for long LED strip lights

Personal Light Box

I've bought these MANY times, exactly what I need for lighting my art work and recommend them when I teach.
See to see my back lit glass works. Thanks

Hi Joseph, thank you for your feedback and sharing your work. Should you need any assistance on your projects, feel free to always reach out to us. All the best on your craft!

Team Hitlights

Connectors are hard to open and then close. Contact points come loose very
easy, lights flicker, hard to adjust.

Top of kitchen cabinet uplighting

Awesome products - have been using for over 10 years and they get better every year!

40 Watt M-Series Dimmable Driver (Magnetic, ETL, USA Assembled) - 24 Volt

What is 16.4 foot?

Could you please stick to one measurement system? Either say 0.00003 foot between leds, or if you decide to use metric (thankfully) can you provide length in metres as well? Thank you.

Great Service Easy Install

We installed the single color 12 volt digital strip light under counter. The dimmer/driver made the power supply really easy. Soldering the 18ga wires to the connector was tedious but did work. Under cabinet install went well and the tape holds nicely. Very satisfied with our new Hitlights.