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HitLights's outdoor LED strip lights can be used to brighten up a range of outdoor spaces. Add bright and dimmable lighting to your deck, throughout the backyard to emphasize highlights or other locations where humidity is an issue.

Outdoor LED strip lights are safe to handle. They run on low voltage power supplies, which saves energy right away and reduces the risk of electrical shock from a power supply.

If you're looking for a high-quality outdoor LED strip lighting system, you may want to check out our collection and contact us right away.

What are Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

Surface-mounted diodes (SMDs) are used in an LED Strip Light also known as LED ribbon lights or LED tape lights, which provide the brightest light available with current LED technology. To improve resilience and longevity, the chips, also known as SMDs, are bonded directly to a flexible printed circuit board (PCB).

This ribbon-like arrangement of connected LEDs resembles a lengthy lighting strip. The strip is then wrapped in a protective layer of clear, flexible silicone that can mold and bend to practically any shape in order to preserve it.

When you combine this with the option to cut an LED strip light to length at predetermined intervals, you have one of the most versatile and adjustable lighting solutions available for practically any application.

However, cutting the silicone casing makes it vulnerable to water, and to keep it waterproof, you'll need to use a silicone caulk.

Because of its high brightness, versatility, small size, and ability to be cut and altered with easy-to-use accessories, indoor and outdoor SMD/LED strip lighting has quickly become an exceptionally popular linear light solution.

LED Strip Lights are waterproof to IP65 (12v) and IP67 (12v), making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting installations. Outdoor LED tape lights may be easily installed with the use of a customizable track, mounting clips, or double-sided tape.

LED Strip Lighting is available in a 12v version with its own set of benefits for certain tasks.

Because of their lengthy maximum run of 32.8 feet, LED strip lighting is ideal for large-scale projects. Whilst 12v LED Strip Lights are the best choice for 12v outdoor led strip lighting applications such as boats, RVs, cabinet lighting for kitchen cabinets, task lighting, and landscape lighting.

LED strip lights can last longer compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights.

In some cases, they can operate for 40,000 to 50,000 hours. This is the equivalent of leaving a light on and never turning it off for years.

The lights will begin to dim after a lengthy period of use. This is a gradual process that only becomes evident when the lights near their end of life.

Light strips are safe for outdoor use. They're UL-certified and will remain in place even during heavy rain or splashes. They come with mounting clips to secure them in their places. Their small size also allows them to be mounted on cabinets, stairs, and more.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, LED strip lights are also great for outdoor use. They don't require constant replacement and will save you money on electricity bills.

In fact, you can even choose to have music playing with the lights, which will make the atmosphere more pleasant for guests. And, with the energy efficiency of these lights, they're also good for the environment.

Another advantage of LED lights is that they're suitable for colder climates. These lights also come with an IP65 rating, making them safe for outdoor use. The higher the IP rating, the better.

Our high-quality illumination is provided by LED light strips, because LED light is emitted in a straight line, it may be seen from a long distance. As a result, no mirrors or reflectors are required, and the light is not scattered.

This makes LED strip lights ideal for vehicles that need to be seen in inclement weather or at night.

For example, LED strip lighting can be used by certain bespoke semi-trucks to create stunning accents around their cabs and trailers. This isn't only an aesthetic choice but it also makes the truck far more visible at all times and in all places.

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Environmental concerns are more important to many individuals in today's culture than they have ever been. People are becoming more conscious of their own consumer waste, electrical usage, and the hazardous addition of chemicals and other dangerous compounds to landfills, rivers, and lakes.

LED strip lighting is one of the most environmentally friendly lighting options available. The lighting's modest electrical requirements help to keep power expenses down and a home's overall power usage low.

Because of their extended lifespan, they can be replaced only very seldom, preventing more goods from ending up in landfills.

When LED lights fail, unlike compact fluorescent bulbs, which can be hazardous if disposed of improperly, cleanup is simple and requires no special equipment.

Examples of Applications for Outdoor LED Strip Lights:

  • Enhance outdoor decorations or elements.
  • Light up the area where water features and fountains are located.
  • Decks, Retaining Walls, and Banisters should all have a light installed.
  • Trees, bushes, planters, and topiaries should all be illuminated.

We can help you turn your lighting ideas into a reality. Our commercial LED strip lights experts are skilled, experienced, and friendly, specializing in high-quality UL-certified lighting solutions with short project turnaround times and a large selection of customizable lighting components.

We inspire and explore novel ways to employ LED Strip Lighting technology in homes, offices, art projects, and retail locations across the United States.

Premium LED Strip Lights are thin, inconspicuous lighting objects that may be installed directly on most surfaces for professional-quality lighting effects. In terms of quality and density, our premium LED Strip Lighting exceeds ordinary strips available in many plug-and-play options from other vendors.

Our premium LED Strip Lighting is made in our UL-approved facility and features higher-quality LEDs, a thicker and more durable strip, and is designed to provide a safe, certified, and professional installation.

UL accreditation has quickly become the gold standard in professional purchasing, with contractors and electricians preferring to use only UL-certified equipment.

UL certification guarantees that the product you're selling complies with the whole US national electric code, as well as any additional local codes that may apply in your area.

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Not all LEDs will be suitable for outdoor use as they will have to be protected from the elements such as water and moisture to prolong their useful life. But we do have some LED strips for outdoors that are IP67 rated.

No, but our IP67 strips come in a silicone sleeve that protects the strip from moisture.

When we describe what color an LED light emits, we compare it or correlate it to these temperatures. That's why it's called Correlated Color Temperature (CCT).

When we describe what a specific color temperature looks like, we often use words like cool and warm. These descriptions have less to do with the actual color temperature than they do with how the colors look.

A light that has a more reddish shade with technically a lower temperature, is considered warmer. While a light that is more bluish in shade is considered cooler, even though it technically has a higher temperature.

There is a scale of what is energy efficient and what looks good at the same time, for outdoor lighting, in this case, it will range from 12-1,300 depending on where they are being installed.

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