Double Sided Tape, 3M VHB Mounting Tape Heavy Duty, Waterproof Foam Tape, 16FT

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P. Lawrence Merkin
So strong

At first, this tape's nature confused me as there was stickiness on both sides. Then, realizing that this dual-stickiness was intended, I used this tape--with much success--to bind various sound-dampening fur-panels throughout my many rooms because of noisy neighbor. These fur-panels stay in place--i.e., they do not move--because of the strength of this tape. This tape, too, is strong enough to hold many things--photo, calendar, iconic image, child--to walls, with strength. VERY recommend.

It's Heavy Duty and It Works

I have used other double-sided tapes before, but I always return to the 3M outdoor heavy-duty tape all the time. Make sure your surface is clean on both sides before applying and apply pressure after the application to make sure it has good surface tension.
Works well, no complaints on it. It's as advertised and performs well under heat as well.
It will leave residue over time especially with exposure to heat so keep that in mind. You may want to use the 3M adhesive remover spray if you want to remove this at some point.

Nicholas Popernik
Hard Stick

Great product, definitely will hold what you need it to. The only downside is beware of where you install. I had about 20 feet of this on my wall in my last apartment. This stuff would come off my the millimeter flaking off. It would not come off as one piece and was impossible for me to remove.

Kevin Deckard
great tape

is is great tape as long as your not planning to remove it later. It holds like crazy. I have used it many times and actually bought a second roll because it has amazing holding power. If you want to stick two thing together for a looong time. This is your tape. If your looking for some temporary this is not your tape. I used it to hold a cell phone charging block to a paneled wall. It held it even while plugging things in and out of it for over a year. So, if your looking for a semi permanent attachment for unlike materials, I would highly recommend this tape.

Strong adhesive and easy application

This double sided tape is very useful and very strong. Once applied properly, it does not come off without a decent bit of effort. The tape is easy to apply and very easy to peel off the plastic to reveal the second sticky side.
I would recommend this to my friends and I will likely be buying more as I need it. This is strong enough to be used on more than just led light strips.

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