Looking for a great LED Lighting for Tradeshows, Exhibits & Convention Marketing?

What is the best LED lighting for tradeshows, exhibits, and experiential marketing? The professionals at HitLights have years of experience helping you find the best tradeshow lighting products. Your clients will appreciate getting a high-quality LED Strip Light product to help promote their brand at their next tradeshow exhibit. Give them products that exceed their expectations with HitLights professional LED Lighting products.

Under the right light.

Your client has provided you with high resolution images, graphics, and logos to represent their brand - all of which they've spent countless amounts of time and money to perfect, and which in some cases carry decades of brand history and trust along with them. Can you promise to your client that their graphics will look 'just right' at the debut of their brand new booth or display?

HitLights' high CRI premium lighting products have you covered, with accurate color reproduction across the spectrum, and consistent color temperatures across ranges from 3,000 Kelvin to 6,500 Kelvin.

Our expert LED specialists will be happy to help choose the right products to match you and your client's needs and to help put your business under the proverbial spotlight.

Professional Lighting

We provide you support, free consultation, and the correct products to allow your clients booths and exhibit space stand out from the crowds. 
Using our lights and power supplies you can feel confident in exhibiting in trade shows around the world, without the worry of faulty or just plain bad lighting. 

Since 1947, Czarnowski has been an industry leading exhibit and trade show producer. Czarnowski chooses HitLights to supply their LED lighting needs. Find out more at czarnowski.com

Need Expert LED Help?
Our LED experts understand what professional electricians, contractors, and builders need in LED Strip Lighting Projects. For nearly 10 years, professional installers have relied on HitLights experts for superior products and services to help grow their business.