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CLEARANCE 8mm HD-compatible Solderless LED Light Strip Connectors and Extensions : Single Color

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6 Inch Any Angle (4 Pack)

6 Inch Strip to Strip Connector (4-pack)

Product Features :
• Connect your strip light to another strip light, dimmer, or power supply
• Simple, tool-free installation
• Available in wired lengths of 6 inches and 3 feet
• HitLights Quality with 1 Year Warranty

Installation Instructions:
• Ensure your section of LED light strip has two contacts (+ and -) and the contacts are both clean
• Gently pull out the corners of the black clasps
• Insert the LED light strip into the clasp - making sure to match the + and - on the strip to the red and black wires respectively
• Push the corners of the clasps back in
• Gently pull on the LED light strip to confirm you've made a solid connection
• Your connection is made!

Our connectors and extensions are fully bendable and are perfect for extending a run of LED light strip across a gap, around an obstacle, or for making a bend.

Specifications :
• Connector Internal Width : 8 mm
• Wire Length : 6 inches
• Wire Gauge : 22 AWG
• Part Number : CON-08S-E00A-4PK

Compatible with HitLights Luma5 3528 Strips (including High Density strips)

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• Solderless connections for LED Strip Light & Tape Light in Kitchens, Cabinets, Shelving & More. Multiple length and connection options •

Our HD-compatible 8mm single color LED light strip connectors are a simple, frustration-free solution for all of our LED light strip connection and extension needs. These solderless connectors install with a simple clasp attachment, meaning that you can achieve a safe and secure connection without any tools. Suitable for all LED light strip applications including kitchens, cabinets, bedrooms, shelving, and displays. These connectors come in sizes of 6 inches and 3 feet and come with our HitLights 1 Year Warranty