Lightbox and Back-Lighting 24V DC Bar Lights : 9 - 14 Inches

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9 inch (9 Watt / 650 Lumen) and 14 inch (12.5 Watt / 1100 Lumen) light bars for light boxes. Include adjustable narrow and wide beam angle lenses.

Need to backlight some signage? Our high output Rigid LED Light Bars are designed to do just that, combining high output 3535 LEDs and specially designed lenses to put the light exactly where it needs to be with a super narrow (and adjustable) beam angle of 15 or 45 degrees. They run on 24 volt power supplies (not our regular 12V), are available in a 3 LED (8.6 inch) and a 5 LED (14.1 inch) version, and can be hooked up back to back.

We recommend 600 lumens per square foot of light box fabric.