To commemorate our 10 year anniversary we dug deep into our reports to calculate how many feet of strip we've sold this past decade, to our surprise, it's enough feet to theoretically put an LED strip around the Earth

As a team, we have a core mission to inspire the world to use LED Strip Lighting and develop new ways to utilize LED Strip Lighting Technology, and we want to thank you all so much for all the support you have given us for the past 10 years, we hope our solutions brighten your day and of course light up your atmosphere. Whatever you decide to light up you know we'll always have your back in successfully executing your lighting projects.

Aside from all the fun and excitement our 10 year run is giving us we all know that our 10-year anniversary is more than a celebration, it's also a time for reflecting on our journey and our humble beginnings. 

We are very grateful for this past decade and the thousands of clients and customers whom we have helped in achieving quality lighting in their projects. Because of you our team has grown stronger together, achieved innovative designs, and provided solutions to the most intricate lighting projects. 

Looking back, we've grown so much since our foundation through the Louisiana State University Business Incubator Program. We opened new distribution centers in California, Vegas, and expanded our teams to various locations in and out of the US. We have accomplished so much over the past 10 years and will continue to do so. 

Over the last 10 years, Strip Lighting has shifted from being a simple component in decorative and accent lighting to an economical replacement for traditional light bulbs in retail, commercial and residential lighting. During these times of Covid-19, it's no secret that it's been difficult for not just us but many industries. This leads to a time of reflection on every mistake, every opportunity, and every success.

One of our bigger accomplishments was creating our Corolux Division which is focused solely on a Business to Business service for us to better serve our B2B customers. Another huge accomplishment is when we were able to source PPE when it was needed most, not only did we donate Personal Protective Equipment to various hospitals, of course Louisiana State Hospitals as well as Kaiser Permanente and various other healthcare facilities, but we also launched our SummerBrite PPE store online to provide quality & certified PPE available to the public.  

Our team are all leaders, every single one of us and we have moved beyond what we knew we could accomplish to execute crazy bright ideas and fulfill our mission with a united purpose. As we continue our journey into the future, our goal remains the same, provide a high-end quality service, in both our LED products and LED education for our clients and customers. 

Our commitment to innovation and inspiration has motivated us more than ever before. We are proud to continue providing you such innovative lighting products. We know keeping that promise begins with hard work.

 Thank you for being part of our HitLights journey, We are very much looking forward to the next 10 years!