Empowering Low Voltage Professionals: The Impact of the Low Voltage Nation and HitLights Partnership

[Los Angeles, Nashville, Kansas City, November 13, 2023] – Low Voltage Nation, the leading educational and content community of low voltage professionals, and HitLights, a prominent leader in manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly low voltage LED strip lighting, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that aims to revolutionize the industry. HitLights is making a substantial investment in Low Voltage Nation, with the shared goal of expanding the community and enhancing educational initiatives for low voltage professionals worldwide.

HitLights' mission is to inspire, educate, and innovate in the use of eco-friendly low voltage LED strip lighting. This partnership with Low Voltage Nation represents a significant step forward in advancing their educational objectives for low voltage professional clients.

Founded in 2019 by Blake Urmos, Low Voltage Nation has rapidly grown to become an industry-leading community with over 120,000 engaged members. Combining the resources of Low Voltage Nation with HitLights, a renowned LED strip lighting manufacturer and distributor, will enable the newly formed entity to offer even more educational opportunities to professionals and introduce unique product offerings for professional installers and members of the trade industry.

The Significance of the Partnership

"We are excited to partner with HitLights to further our mission of empowering, educating and assisting low voltage professionals expand their business and industry knowledge. We have worked for years building a community of low voltage professionals who are engaged and support other members," said Blake Urmos, Founder of Low Voltage Nation. "This collaboration will not only expand our educational initiatives but also provide our members with access to innovative products and tools that will help them succeed in their businesses. We see a very bright future ahead for this partnership and our online communities. HitLights is the perfect partner for us since we share the same aggressive entrepreneurial approach to serving our customers with education and products."

Educational Initiatives for Low Voltage Professionals

HitLights has made a substantial equity investment in the Low Voltage Nation community, recognizing its potential to educate professionals in the trade industry and professional installers of LED strip lighting. HitLights' factory-direct business model, which eliminates unnecessary costs for professionals by buying direct, combined with Low Voltage Nation's community, will offer additional educational opportunities to help integrators, electricians, electrical contractors, and future efforts to expand across multiple trade industry niches to grow their businesses and thrive in their respective fields.

Joe Freeman, President of HitLights, commented on the partnership, saying, "We are very excited about the potential this partnership holds for the industry. By combining our resources and expertise with Low Voltage Nation, we can accelerate our efforts to educate professionals and provide them with the support they need to succeed. This is another differentiator and new product offering of education to our professional clients.  Blake has done a fantastic job creating these communities from the ground up and we are very confident that as a partner, together we are going to make a significant impact to our customers and members."

Expansion of Digital Education Efforts and Community Growth

Expansion of Digital Education Efforts and Community Growth

The partnership envisions expanding digital education efforts, hosting on-site events, developing new business process tools, and continuing to foster the growth of the community for knowledge sharing among participants. Blake Urmos will continue to lead the new partnership, overseeing the expansion of product offerings and community growth.

The Low Voltage Nation community will continue to operate independently, expanding its presence on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Discord groups to facilitate member learning and communication for the growth of their businesses at an even faster rate. “Blake will be driving the new partnership, nothing will change to the community other than additional content at a faster pace.  We will support him with strategy and resources as needed as he continues to grow the community.  HitLights will continue to serve LED Strip Lighting customers and grow our business organically and potentially through acquisitions in the near future,” said Freeman. 

Leadership in the New Partnership

While low voltage LED strip lighting is a critical component of the low voltage industry, Low Voltage Nation will continue to explore additional offerings and educational opportunities for its members across all trades. This strategic partnership marks an exciting new chapter for both Low Voltage Nation and HitLights as they come together to serve low voltage integrators, electricians, developers, and professional installers of all low voltage products. “Educating our customers to help them achieve more in their businesses has been a part of our mission since 2010.  This new partnership is another step in our journey to inspire, educate and innovate with our customers.  Our teams work hard every day to deliver on that mission and now with the addition of the Low Voltage Nation community we have many more opportunities to do so,” said Bin Yu, Chairman/CEO of HitLights.  

Additional announcements and updates regarding the partnership will be shared on the Facebook group and LinkedIn pages of both entities.

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About Low Voltage Nation

Low Voltage Nation is a leading community of low voltage professionals founded in 2019 by Blake Urmos. With a mission to empower and educate professionals in the low voltage industry, Low Voltage Nation has grown to over 120,000 members, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and professional development.

About HitLights

HitLights is a prominent and industry leading manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly low voltage LED strip lighting. Their mission is to inspire, educate, and innovate in the use of energy-efficient lighting solutions. HitLights serves thousands of professionals with their factory-direct business model, providing high-quality products and educational resources to support professionals in their projects. Since 2010, when our CEO, Bin Yu founded HitLights,  it has been a disruptor in the industry and is continuing its strategic search to grow the company and clients it serves.