How to Use Outdoor LED strip Lights this Summer

Ah, Summer. No matter what is happening in the world, it seems like most people find some relief in the pleasant season of summer. The kids are out of school. Vacation days get used. Even if no one says anything about it, the pace just… changes. As the young folks say: it’s a whole vibe. And HitLights is here for it! If you want to get out of the house—whether simply for a change of pace or to enjoy gentle breezes on warm evenings; if you want to enjoy your yard, your patio, your veranda, this is the time to do it. The big difference between “being outside” and creating an outdoor living space is (you guessed it) lighting. Smart LED strip lights outdoors not only elevate the space, but they allow you to stay out later and for a longer time, ensuring you get to enjoy summer nights for all they are worth. It won’t even take you a full weekend to get these lights installed and working for you.

How do smart LED lights work?

Smart LED strip lights work like other LED strip lights—using light emitting diodes as the light source—but with the added feature of connecting to an app in order to control features like power; light level (dim or bright); and color tone if you have RGB color-change LED strip lights. Some smart LED strip lights have additional functions like being able to sync to music, with the colors changing to the beat; or allowing you to set up timers where the lights will turn on and off at a time you choose. 

Why would you want smart LED strip lights outside, special for summer? We’re glad you asked. The convenience of using your phone to adjust your lights to suit your mood flows with the feel of summer nights. You don’t have to break your relaxation by getting up, stumbling around, looking for a remote, or going inside to make changes to the lighting. The app lets you easily tap your way to the perfect settings. 

Next, smart LED strip lights let you maintain the feeling of the evening longer. One of the best parts of a nice summer night is just how long you are outside. The sun sets later; dusk lasts longer. By the time it is fully dark outside, the hour might be quite late. With smart LED strip lights serving as your summertime lighting choice, you can have brighter lights after the sun sets, sliding into dimmer, more atmospheric lighting as the hours wear on. 

Summer is also a time when lots of people entertain, welcoming friends and family over to enjoy the fun. Imagine you are hosting the barbecue at your place—you’re grilling, playing tunes that everyone enjoys. Your smart LED strip lights can put on a light show along the beat of the music—an instant party. (And since the lights are controlled through an app, you can host without leaving the cooking station. A few taps and the festivities are set. More information about other ways to control smart LED strip lights in the next section.)

To sum up, smart LED strip lights are perfect for summertime giving you:

  • Convenience
  • Flexibility and lighting that matches the mood of summer evenings
  • Options for entertaining

How are smart LED strip lights controlled?

Smart LED strip lights can be controlled in a variety of ways including app control (connected via Wi-Fi, linking an app on your phone to the various functions of the lights); voice control; smart speaker control. While it is very common for LED lighting (generally) to come with RF remote controls (that can perform simple tasks like turn lights on and off, change color, etc) these aren’t considered “smart” lights. In this instance, smart LED strip lights are able to do all those functions plus integrate with other programming, and be controlled via other platforms (like an app.) Smart LED strip lights are often also able to execute more complicated tasks like syncing color changes to music or running pre-programed light changes (like a light show or keeping a specific timer schedule.)

Smart, right?

If you are excited by the prospect of trying smart LED strip lights to compliment your summery plans, consider smart LED strip light—get ready for an eye-popping 16 million colors to choose from (that’s not a typo: 16 m i l l i o n!) The strip is outdoor-ready; this smart LED strip says bring on the weather. The HitLights smart strip light can sync with music (drop some beats, light up the night.) Control the strip with an app on your phone or your voice. 

This is an easy-to-use, functional strip that is a perfect gateway strip to using smart LED strip lights in your home automation projects.

(Don’t forget—our HitLights tech staff is ready to help you troubleshoot anything that might come up with our smart lights. Hit them up for help: 1 (855) 768-4135 )

(Double don’t forget—we’ve been talking about outdoor smart LED strip lights this time around, but we have smart LED strip lights for the inside, too. Music sync, voice control, a spectacular rainbow of colors, works with smart speakers or the app—for inside use.)

Considering all this time outdoors, with pleasant, ambient light might bring about a question you don’t want to ask, but you kind of need to have answered. We know what you’re thinking. The bug question. 

Do LED light strips attract bugs?

When it comes to LED light strips and attracting bugs, it is a case of you win some, you lose some. LED lights produce little heat, and the wavelengths of the light produced is long, making the lights themselves less desirable to flying insects and other pesky bugs. LEDs also generate very little ultraviolet light (if any) which bugs generally are attracted to. However, the blue tones that are a part of the LED light spectrum used to create all the white LED lights are desirable to bugs. 

In the simplest terms, LED strip lights aren’t the chosen lights of bugs and insects (incandescent lights are their favorites!) but the fact that LEDs are illuminated will be attractive to a lesser number of pests. Bottom line: you might get a few fliers, but nothing like you would with old fashioned lighting. 

What about waterproof outdoor LED lights

HitLights likes how you’re thinking. If your LED strip lights are going to be exposed to rain or other elements, consider using waterproof LED strip lights. Items are tested for waterproofing using a scale called the Ingress Protection Code (you’ve probably seen “IP ratings.”) Items that are rated as IP-65, IP-66, IP-67 and above are considered to be waterproof. All of HitLights waterproof LED strip lights in our waterproof collection are IP67. See the entire HitLights waterproof strip light collection, along with the waterproof accessories

Even though it seems like it took forever for summer to get here, before you know it, fall will be upon us all. Don’t let the summer months slip by without trying some smart LED strip lights outdoors to make this summer one for the books. Get the convenience, fun, and flexibility of smart LED strip lights into your life as soon as your next barbecue! Order today. Have some questions? Get ready to talk OUTDOOR LIGHTS with one of our trained HitLights tech support experts. They know their way around smart LED strip lights and want to share their knowledge with you. Call us now at 1 (855) 768-4135. to get the assistance you need. Party at your place!

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