Colors Galore! (4 Use Cases for RGB LED Light Strips)

LED light strips are the "Go Anywhere" & "Light Anything" lighting option. Color-Changing (RGB) strips give you the flexibility to alternate between colors and animations so you're never stuck with just one option. In this article you'll see 4 typical use cases for these strips, but first let's go over the basics.

Multicolor LED light strips use RGB LED chips. That means they have Red, Green and Blue diodes that can be mixed to create any color. 

You can set colors or animations with an RGB controller. Which is connected using a unique, four pin connection.

Now that you have the basics, here are four ways to use RGB multicolor strips.


Modders love our strips. Since our RGB strips are completely customizable, they can make a really cool addition to any custom PC build. We actually sell a PC Light Kit that comes with everyone you would need to light your computer case. 


Believe it or not, our strips are used in gaming machines and kiosks all over the country. The strips are used as accent lighting and are definitely drawing people's attentions.


Trade Shows are a big business unto themselves, and our strips have been used in some of the world's largest companies' displays. RGB strips can add definition to a display and create a unique statement for a brand.


A sign is often the first impression someone receives from a business. So, a poorly lit sign can mean the difference between a sale and someone just passing by. Multicolor strips allow for your sign to be completely on-brand.

Check out our Multicolor (RGB) LED Light Strips today and see what they can do for your!

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