In this project, our customer Lynville installed Blue LED strips around the perimeter of a homemade tent for a video-game themed Halloween!  The tent was designed with inspiration from Nintendo's famous Mario video games, which led to the spikes and wings on this large blue shell.  We really liked Lynville's idea, and hope to see more game-inspired LED art in the future!  Lynville opted for our bright Blue 3528 LED strips to match, which gives the tent a gorgeous blue aura.  This wonderful in-home project is great for giving your child a very unique and fun area for special activities!  The shells from Mario games are also common in red and green, which are  the same color options as our 3528 LED Strips.  Take a look at the pictures below to see this fun DIY craft project!

Lynville's homemade Blue Shell Tent with Blue LED strips.

The completed shell tent, from a lighting perspective, was actually a pretty straight-forward installation.  There was one spool of our Blue LED lights, which was powered by our 3800 mAh battery pack.  In this set-up, the battery pack can power the lights for a total of nearly 2 full hours when charged (For a more permanent solution, HitLights sells power adapters that plug into home outlets to power LED strips).  Then, Lynville just needed 1 pack of our Strip-to-Strip connectors to make the light make turns around the door opening!  Using those 3 components, which all together cost less $50, Lynville turned an ordinary project into an extraordinary piece of LED art!

With a battery pack inside, HitLights Blue LED strips illuminate the edges of this tent!



The components that were used in this installation:

1 x SMD 3528 Blue LED Light Strip

1 x 3800 mAh Battery Pack**

1 x Pack of Strip-to-Strip Connectors, for Single-color LED strips


Do you have an interesting LED application or project with HitLights LED products and wish to be featured in a customer project?  If so, send pictures of your project to for a 5% discount on your next HitLights order!

The blue LED's add a bright shine to the exterior of the tent!


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