UL Certification

What's better than having a good product? How about having people KNOW how good it is? When it comes to electronics, there is a way to let people know how good your product is and that it is safe, too. UL is a world renowned independent safety science company that certifies, validates, tests and inspects products submitted. UL certification has quickly become the standard in the professional purchasing realms, such as for contractors and electricians who choose to only use UL certified products. Getting a product UL certified lets people know that what you're selling meets all of the US national electric code, along with additional local codes depending on your area.

Why Bother?

Now you may ask, "Why wouldn't a company go through the UL certification process?" It costs money to submit a product and time waiting for the approval to come back. Some companies would just rather put their products out there, and cross their fingers, hoping it is safe and no one will get hurt. UL listed products reinforces that products work, are safe for consumers and that the company selling the product cares enough about their customers to spend the time and money ensuring what you see, is what you get.

HitLights UL Products

HitLights believes in what UL stands for and we care about our customers. HitLights takes the UL certification process very seriously. HitLights offers many UL certified LED lighting products. Most of our LED Light Strip styles come UL certified. We also have many UL listed LED light bulbs available for purchase at www.hitlights.com. We are constantly adding more and more UL listed LED light strips to our inventory everyday! Why? Because we know our products are legitimate, and we strive to offer this confidence to our customers before they purchase from us.



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