How to Choose Your Strip Lights - Trouble Shooting Series #38 offers many options and features for LED light strips. Since there are so many choices, you might need a little guidance choosing the right one. Follow these five steps to choosing the right lights for your project.

1) Choose a Color

  • RGB (Multi-Color) - Select almost any color. Any mixture of Red, Green & Blue.
  • Warm White - Similar color to a traditional incandescent bulb.
  • Cool White - Closer to daylight white. Slightly brighter than warm white.
  • Neutral White - Less yellow than warm white & less blue than cool white.

2) Choose a Density

  • Regular Density - Comes stock with all Luma series LED strip lights. 300 diodes per reel.
  • High Density (HD) - Twice as many diodes makes HD twice as bright as regular density. 600 diodes per reel.

3) Choose an IP Rating

  • IP30 (Indoor) - Works well in dry areas. Should not expose to moisture.
  • IP65 (Weatherproof) - May be splashed with water but not submersed.
  • IP67 (Waterproof) - May be submersed in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

4) Standard or Premium?

  • Standard - Ideal for short term projects. Includes 1 Year Warranty.
  • Premium - Ideal for long term installations. Includes 2 Years Warranty.

5) Choose a Series

  • Luma5 - Low entry cost; Medium Light Output
  • Luma10 - Medium to High Brightness; Widest array of options
  • Luma20 - Highest brightness available
  • Eclipse - Easy to use, modular design; available in 1FT lengths


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We unfortunately don’t stock any neutral white strips in waterproof. Here’s everything we have available for outdoor applications :

Give us a call at 1-855-768-4135 and we’ll be happy to provide some more information!

- HitLights

Charles Robinson

I need some good quilty netural leds lights waterproof for the out side of my boat and step by step instructions on how to install them that they last more than one trip to the lake .. Can y’all help me

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