How to control Independent RGB Light Strips

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1. Which RGB Controller can control multiple LED Strip Lights?

Great question! Here's a little secret for you, all of our RGB LED light strip controllers are capable of controlling multiple strips at once! However, not all LED controllers are created equal so there are a few things that you need to know before you pick out an LED controller that's just right for you. All of our RGB LED light strip controllers are capable of controlling multiple LED light strips that are all hooked up to the same receiver and power source, but some LED controllers can only control multiple LED light strips if they're all hooked together. Also, be sure to remember to use LED strip light amplifiers properly if you're going to behooking multiple LED light strips together! So while some of our controllers can only control LED light strips that are all hooked together, we have some LED controllers capable of controlling Independent Light Zones.

2. Which RGB Controllers can control Independent Light Zones?

Another great question! How did you think of this one? However the question came to you, the answer is going to come to you even easier, because I'm just going to tell you! We have different RGB LED light strip controllers that are all capable of controlling independent light zones. However, these LED controllers all have their own unique way of controlling the zones, so we'll break it down controller by controller so you'll know exactly which one is right for your project. Oh yeah! I should probably tell you which LED controllers can do what you're asking! Our Forty-Four Key Controller, R108 Controller, MiLight Controller, and T3M Controller can all control independent light zones!

3. How does the Forty-Four Key Controller Handle Independent Light Zones?


The Forty-Four Key Controller, of the four capable of controlling Independent Light Zones, has the most restrictions on its ability to control the zones. The Forty-Four Key Controller is capable of controlling any LED Light Strip that's hooked up to a Forty-Four Key receiver, but it has to be within range of the receiver (about fifty feet) and you have to be pointing the controller at the receiver. This means that while you can have your Independent Light Zones all controlled by the same controller, it'll be difficult to sync up animations properly unless you're only planning on setting your strips to static colors.

4. How does the R108 Controller Handle Independent Light Zones?

For using the R108 Controller, you'll first have to sync each receiver to your  R108 Controller individually, but once you do you should be able to control your Independent Light zones without issue. However, like the Forty-Four Key Controller, Syncing any animations will prove difficult as the Independent Light Zones all receive the signal from your controller, get this, independently. So if you want all your Independent Light Zones to play the same animation, they'll be a bit out of sync. So if you really want your strips sync'd together, then hook them all together or use static colors.

5. How does the MiLight Controller Handle Independent Light Zones?

The MiLight Controller controls your Independent Light Zones in a very similar way to the R108 Controller, with the added benefit of always being with you, as it is a free app for your Smart Phone or Tablet. It also features a better control range than the R108 (about ninety feet for the MiLight Controller vs. about fifty feet for the R108). The MiLight Controller also comes with a sleeker interface and control scheme. The same precautions should be taken with the MiLight, the animations will be tough to perfectly sync, and all receivers must be individually sync'd to the controller.

6. How does the T3M Controller Handle Independent Light Zones?

Here it is, in the controlling Independent Light Zones world, it's the Cuban Cigars, the Rolex, Bentley. What I'm trying to say is, that this piece of equipment is top of the line. Like the other controllers mentioned, you'll need to sync each receiver individually, but once you have you'll have total control of each one. With the T3M Controller you can choose which Independent Light Zone you want to control right from the remote, you can even have all the zones play the same animation in perfect synchronization. 

Now that you've got all the facts, you can choose which controller is right for you!

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