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Layer Two: Ambient Light

Now that you've harnessed the power of the sun, it's time to move on to the next layer of light, Ambient Light. This is the general purpose, artificial lighting that covers any room with a blanket of light. In a bedroom it might be a solitary light bulb in the center of the ceiling. In a living room it may be arow of recessed can lights.

The problem with these types of fixtures is that they can often leave corners in your room dark and dreary. An upgrade to your ambient light might be adding in powerful, yet diffuse bulbs. That may work with enough fixtures in the room.

Like many homes, this bedroom lacks light in the corners. via Martin Cathrae

Again, just because you have bright lights in one area of the room doesn't necessarily mean that will help the whole room. Another solution might be to exchange a solitary light fixture with a track light fixture. The installation is usually simple and they'll accept multiple GU10 or PAR16 bulbs. That way you can direct light around the room and fill all of those dark corners.

Track lights let you direct light all around the room. -via Shannon Demma

Or just a larger fixture or ceiling fan with multiple bulbs shining light 360 degrees around the room could help as well.

Chandeliers and ceiling fans can shine all the way around a room. -via Christy Bright

Whatever the fixture or light you choose, be sure that it's enough to cover the entire room with light while not being so bright that it's blinding.

Continue learning how to light any room with the third layer of light in Part 3, next week>>>

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