How to use LED Light Strips to Illuminate Acrylic Lettering and Signage

Our friend Jim from Viscom Graphics recently sent us some pictures of some amazing work he did using some of our High Density Premium Luma5 LED Strips to backlight some lettering that he had created for a customer. Check out the detailed build process below!

First, Jim started with 1" thick  clear acrylic, from which he cut out the letters he needed with a CNC machine. These would make the sides of each letter.

Next, Jim cut out the same shapes in some clear 3/16" acrylic, routed a small 'lip' around the outside, and attached the two parts together.

The same procedure was used on a second sheet of white 3/16" acrylic for the tops of the letters.

Next, the LED Light Strip was cut and connected in place at the bottom of the letters. A HitLights Power Supply provided power.

Assembly of the letters followed.

The customer wanted black sides to the lettering, which would absorb the light and make the sides darker, so the sides were painted - first in white, to reflect the light back in, and then finally with black.

The final lettering is mounted just above the surface, creating a great backlit effect behind the letters and a bright and crisp effect in front.

The result is amazing, don't you agree? It's a great example of how our LED light strips can be used to accentuate signage and lettering and to draw a potential customer's eye to your brand and business.


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Jeniffer muthoni (kenya)

I would like to purchase some led from your supplier…could you have a supplier in mind …thankyou .

Diane, they were simply glued together. Ask your local hardware store for what they recommend for acrylic!

Diane Henderson

These letters look great! I was curious how you attached the 3 layers of acrylic together?

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