HitLights Business Accounts: Benefits to your business.

Your success is our success. That’s something we always strive to live by here at HitLights, so in an effort to do more to help your business succeed, we’re introducing HitLights Business Accounts.

What are business accounts? They’re special accounts that afford qualified business customers with special perks, including discounted and quantity pricing, expanded shipping options, the ability to order customized and non-regularly stocked inventory - and more.

HitLights Business Accounts are a partnership, so you’ll also get your own personal sales representative who is invested in your success. Their job is to help your business grow, so they’ll be partnering with you to help you light existing projects and to help add value to future projects by advising you on lighting possibilities and keeping you abreast as new products and technologies that suit your needs come to light (so to speak...). Our sales reps are the core of what makes Hitights successful - they’re always available, they take pride in helping you find the right solution (sometimes going as far as to recommend a competitor’s product if it’s the right one for the job), and they’ll be in your corner from day one.

Because HitLights Business Accounts are partnerships they are not for everyone. While we don’t disclose qualification criteria (because every business is different and we business qualify accounts on a case by case basis) we can tell you a few things that might make your business an ideal fit for a HitLights Business Account.

  • You are a registered business with an EIN (or you are buying for one)
  • You purchase linear LED lighting (strip lights, modules, bar lights or otherwise) or related accessories (power supplies) on a regular basis OR you purchase these in large quantities OR you keep inventory of these on hand for projects
  • You have an unrelenting demand for high quality products and pride in the work you do and the services you provide
  • You are looking to grow your LED lighting related sales
  • You are looking for someone to partner with you on your LED lighting journey

If you the above sounds like you or your business, then HitLights Business Accounts might be for you. To apply, visit hitlights.com/pages/business-accounts to learn more and submit an application and our sales team will be in touch with you to complete your application.

If your success truly is our success, we think you’ll agree that business accounts will help both your business and ours be more successful.

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