AC DC Power Supply for LED Strip Lights | Hitlights

AC DC Power Supply for LED Strip Lights | Hitlights

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What are LED light strips?

How LED low-voltage lights work with AC power?

Key factors to look for

LED lighting has become the go-to lighting solution for many households, offices, and industries. It is energy-efficient, long-lasting, and produces less heat compared to other types of lighting. LED light strips have particularly become popular in-home decor, as they provide a versatile and customizable lighting solution that can be used for various applications. LED light strips come in different types and can be powered using both AC and DC power sources. In this post, we will explore how LED low-voltage lights work with AC and DC power, the benefits of each power source, and what to look for when selecting a LED light strip.

>What are LED light strips?

LED light strips are thin and flexible circuit boards that contain small LED bulbs that produce light. They can be cut to different lengths and installed in various locations, providing a versatile lighting solution for many applications. LED light strips come in different colors, intensities, and sizes, making it possible to create unique lighting effects for different purposes.

>How LED low-voltage lights work with AC power?

LED light strips can be powered by alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) power sources. AC power is the power that we use in our homes and offices to power electrical appliances. It is a type of power that alternates between positive and negative voltage cycles, which makes it unsuitable for LED lighting. LED bulbs require a constant flow of current to operate effectively.

A transformer is used to convert AC power to DC power to make AC power compatible with LEDlights. The transformer is built into the LED light strip, which means that you can plug the strip directly into an AC power source, and the transformer will convert the power to DC power.

The advantage of using AC power is that it is readily available, and you do not need a separate power supply. This makes it easy to install LED light strips in different locations without worrying about running separate power cables. It also means that you can use LED light strips in existing lighting fixtures, without having to replace the fixture.

How LED low voltage lights work with DC power Direct current (DC) power is a type of power that flows in a single direction. It is the type of power that batteries and solar panels produce. LED light strips can also be powered using DC power. This is done by using a power supply that converts AC power to DC power.

The advantage of using DC power is that it is more efficient than AC power. This means that LED light strips powered by DC power will consume less energy and produce less heat compared to LED light strips powered by AC power. DC power is also safer, as it does not produce electromagnetic fields that can interfere with electronic devices. What to look for in an LED light strip.

When selecting an LED light strip, there are several factors that you should consider, including the color, brightness, and size of the strip.

>Here are some of the key factors to look for:


LED light strips come in different colors, including warm white, cool white, red, green, blue, and RGB. The color you choose will depend on the application and the mood you want to create.


The brightness of an LED light strip is measured in lumens per meter (lm/m). The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. The brightness you choose will depend on the application and the level of illumination you need.


LED light strips come in different sizes, ranging from 30cm to 5m or more. The size you choose will depend on the application and the length of the space you want to illuminate.

>Power source:

As we have seen, LED light strips can be powered using AC or DC powersources. The power source you choose will depend on the application, the installation location, and the power source available.


Determine if the LED light company you use has a strong technical customer service department. Working with a smart group of engineers and technical lighting and power experts can make your installation go smoothly and within budget.


Make sure the choice of lights has a long warranty. Good quality LED Strip Lights will come with a minimum 5-year warranty. Many cheaper, lower-quality alternatives on the market have shorter warranties or no warranty at all. Along with a strong warranty, you should also make sure the lights are U/L listed. Getting U/L listed products helps assist you with another layer of quality assurance.

In conclusion, LED lights can be powered using both AC and DC power sources. LED drivers or transformers are typically used to convert the high voltage AC power to low-voltage DC power that is safe for the LED lights to use. Low-voltage LED lights are commonly used in outdoor and landscape lighting systems, while DC power is useful in situations where a constant power source is needed, such as in vehicles and boats. Ultimately, the choice between AC and DC power depends on the specific needs and requirements of the lighting application. LED Strip Lights are an eco-friendly alternative to lighting homes, RV’s, boats, offices and other areas that need great lighting options while saving energy.


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