The multipurpose LED strip light installation problem solvers.  Here at HitLights, we’ve seen plenty of bad LED strip light installations – some dangerous, some ineffective, and some prone to a short lifespan. Luckily, all can be solved, or avoided, with various methods, tools, and parts – such as our trusty  aluminum  mounting  channels  and  diffusers,  which provide three important benefits in LED strip light installations.

Benefit 1 - MOUNTING

It’s in the name, and mounting is the game. While our LED strip lights feature a heavy-duty adhesive on the back, it doesn’t work on all surfaces, particularly textured ones (such as stone or brick) or in areas that are regularly exposed to the elements. 

Our mounting channels attach directly to any surface with the included mounting brackets, giving you a dry and smooth surface for the strip to adhere to. 

This added mounting flexibility means installing additional mounting options that otherwise wouldn’t exist, which is why you see mounting channels most often used where mounting would be a challenge – particularly when attaching strips to an overhead surface, pointing down (eg, underneath cabinets). 

 You can read more about other mounting options here.

Benefit 2 - PROTECTION

Not only is your strip now mounted, but it’s also protected. Tucked securely away from the reach of prying fingers, tools, or other potentially damaging items, your strips are not only free from the risk of damage but also free from the risk of potentially dangerous malfunction that damage may cause. 

On top of protection from physical objects, our mounting channels provide additional protection from the elements, keeping water, dust, and debris away from your strips (though it should be mentioned that our channels are NOT suitable for protecting an indoor strip entirely from moisture – use outdoor-rated strips if in doubt). 

Finally, while some methods of mounting strips trap heat and lead to lowered strip lifespan, our carefully designed channels feature heat-dissipating grooves that help draw heat away from the strip – keeping them cool and protecting your investment (and, potentially, your home).

Benefit 3 - DIFFUSION

Have you ever seen a cheap LED installation at a gas station or vape shop? A prominent storefront window surrounded by hundreds of piercingly bright dots of LED lighting – making you just as likely to look away to rest your eyes as it is to consider their products or services? Perhaps they could’ve used some of our mounting channels to soften and disperse that light.Our mounting channels come with a diffusing lens that does just that. 

Rather than seeing spots or harsh shadows, strips installed with diffusers put out a more even and pleasant light. 

The shape of the channel is also important to consider, as deeper ones tend to focus light directionally, while shallower ones spread it out more. As always, the right one is more personal preference than it is science, but as a general rule shallow channels work better for accent lighting while deep ones work better for task lighting - experiment with your installation to find the best result is always the way to go.

If you’ve got LED strip installation problems, our mounting channels have solutions. 

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