5-in-1 LED Dimmable Driver (Electronic, UL Listed) - 12V & 24V | HitLights

Experience unrestricted low voltage LED drivers and transformers like never before with HitLights' latest release—the 5-in-1 LED Dimmable Driver Series. 

Designed with your lighting projects in  mind. For your safety, performance, and wide-range LED and COB lighting requirement. This electronic wonder is UL Listed, setting a new standard in the world of LED lighting without boundaries with 12V and 24V series and IP66 rating.


Smooth Dimming:

Enjoy smooth transitions from ambient to direct and indirect lighting. No buzzing, no overheating—just a seamless experience tailored to your preferences.

Versatile Compatibility: 

Adaptable to LED light strips, COB lights, modules, bulbs, controllers, and other low voltage devices. This driver will cater to your diverse lighting needs. With 12V and 24V range plus higher wattage capacity for your bigger project needs.

Safe and Simple Installation: 

Includes bare wire and knockouts for secure connections, ensuring an easy, simple, yet safe setup every time.

Slim Design:

Tailored for custom solutions, our slim, compact design fits greatly with your unique lighting requirement. About 48mm to 49mm thick to fit slim spaces vs the big bulky low voltage drivers out in the market. 

UL Listed Safety:

Independently tested and certified for peace of mind. It shuts off when overloaded, preventing potential hazards from exceeding power ratings. 


Precise Dimming: 

Ideal for various applications from ambient, general, and task lighting needs ranging from 0% to 100%. Applications like under kitchen cabinet lighting, coffer, shelves, and more.

5-in-1 Compatibility and Dimming Function: 

Easy, flexible, and seamless integration with different dimming needs. Phase dimming: work with forward phase, MLV and Reverse phase, ELV, Triac dimmers. 0-10V dimming: 0-10V/ 1-10V/ Potentiometer/ 10V PWM 4 in 1. Works with Lutron and Leviton dimmer switches for ultimate control.

Worry-Free Operation:

Safety features like short circuit protection, overload, and temperature control ensure worry-free operation. 


Effortless Installation: 

With knockouts, bare wire, and a slim design to make installation a breeze, even for DIY and LED enthusiasts.

Energy-Efficient Lighting: 

Achieve perfect lighting while ensuring energy efficiency. With low voltage electronic drivers  precise voltage regulation (dimming) comes with significant energy savings, use, and improved lifespan. 

Peace of Mind: 

Trust in a product backed by an experienced Low Voltage Factory direct supplier with a 6-year warranty and UL listing for reliability and durability.

Light up your projects confidently with HitLights' 5-in-1 LED Dimmable Driver Series — a simple solution to your Low Voltage LED lighting Driver challenges. Experience the difference at www.HitLights.com.

About HitLights:

HitLights is a leading provider of high-quality LED lighting solutions, catering to diverse needs in residential, commercial, and event settings. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, HitLights continues to illuminate spaces with innovations be it micro or macro technology.

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