PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: The New Improved RGB Music Controller

Welcome to the latest HitLights' Product Spotlight where we go into detail about the different strips, kits, and accessories we have to offer!

This edition of the product spotlight will go over the latest version of our RGB Music Controller.

1. What makes this music controller different from the previous one?

This Music Controller contains an 1/8 inch audio jack for sound input. This means that instead of placing the controller next to a sound source and adjusting the sensitivity knob to ensure that specific sounds are received by the built-in microphone, you can add a sound source as a "direct-in".


2. Why would this 1/8 audio jack be more useful than using the built-in microphone function?

Quite simply, it takes any sort of unwanted sounds or sound sources completely out of the equation and truly ensures the LED lights match up with the beat of the music. This is extremely useful for professional sound applications requiring a direct out from a PA system such as DJ applications.


3. Does this mean that the built-in microphone is being replaced?

Not at all! The updated Music Controller does include the same built-in microphone system in case the 1/8 jack is not the desired method of LED light strip to music synchronization.


4. So how is the sound input source selected?

Simple. Plugging in an 1/8 jack into the sound source automatically disables the built-in microphone and enables the jack.


If you have any questions about the New Music Controller or other LED-related subjects, you can call our customer service number at 1-855-768-4135 or email us at

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