Raising the Bar: A Product Spotlight on LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars are one foot sections of LED strips encased in a tough Weatherproof aluminum housing. The acrylic lens on the front keeps out moisture and helps ensure and even light spread. And they can easily be mounted with the included screw-in mounting clips.

That makes them perfect for lots of applications like:

4. Work Shops
With all of the dust and dirt flying around, you can be confident that your lights won't get gunked up. And if you ever want to clean them, it's super easy to wipe them down with a wet rag.

3. Patios

Light bars can get splashed or rained on and it's all good.

2. Bars

A cool bottle display can highlight top shelf liquor. LED light bars work great on any shelf really.

1. Kitchens

Light Bars feel right at home... in your home. They're way easy to install, add lots of light for special tasks or accent lighting.

You can see LED light bars and much more at HitLights.com.

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