Why LED Strip Lights Remain the Top Choice for Energy Savers in 2022

This time of year, it’s normal to see lots of posts and articles about energy efficiency—it’s practically an Earth Day tradition. But right now, as society is facing additional economic pressures, homeowners and small businesses are looking to cut expenses wherever they can, especially when it comes to energy bills. Thankfully, HitLights has just the thing to satisfy: high quality, easy-to-use, attractive and enhancing LED strip lights. 

If you’ve ever wondered if LED strip lights are still worth it—worth installing, still performing like people thought they would when LED strip lights came on the market, worth the money—HitLights has good news for you on almost every front. We love to tell our customers about how LED strip lights are excellent solutions. But what does that mean? Often times we’re sharing how LED strip lights are versatile: LED strip lights can install where other lights can’t. LED strip lights can be powered in a way that other lighting can’t. In this way LED strip lights are a solution because of their flexibility and ease of use. 

But LED strip lights are a solution for energy use, too. LEDs are the most significant improvement over the incandescent light bulb in a generation, by far. While traditional lightbulbs were an invention of the late Industrial Revolution, LEDs are a modern development that provide outstanding light output at a fraction of the energy use of incandescent lights. 

In this post, we’re going to discuss how LED strip lights can help you save energy, use less power, and solve your lighting problems. By the end, we’re sure you’ll know that installing any of HitLights’ extensive collection of LED strip lights—whether indoors or using outdoor LED strip lights; whether multi-color or sleek white lights; whether you are a home DIYer or an independent contractor—you’re going to be confident in your choice to use LED strip lights for whatever lighting project you have on your plate. 

Do LED lights save more power?

One great thing about LEDs in general, and LED strip lights across the board is they have delivered on the promise of energy efficiency. Depending on the type of LED product you are using (and the application) LEDs can use between 75% - 90% less energy than incandescent lights. 

We frequently hear the question about power usage of LEDs, and we know that for a lot of folks, they really mean will LEDs use less energy than conventional old-fashioned bulbs. The answer is a resounding yes. 

A rough rule of thumb that a lot of independent electrical contractors use to help their customers understand the benefits of LEDs is that LEDs are seven to ten times more efficient than standard lighting. That’s certainly a motivation for the professional! 

Another advantage in the energy department is the question of heat. Incandescent bulbs put out most of their energy as heat, not light, since the job of an old bulb is to run a current through a thin filament. Ever accidently touch an old bulb that you didn’t know had been on? A seriously painful experience that you should avoid if you have the option. We bring up this painful (but common) experience to bring home exactly how much heat can come out of older bulbs. Multiply the single bulbs by all the outlets you might have lit and you start getting a sense about how much extra heat is unnecessarily being dispersed in your living spaces. 

There are no ifs, ands or buts—when it comes to energy efficiency, LEDs have it down pat. You get exceptional light output, with low wattage expended, and negligible heat wasted. What’s so great about all these success points for LEDs in general apply to LED strip lights specifically. 

LED strip lights—even when choosing a premium line like the versatile Luma5 (white light, premium quality) use only a fraction of the electricity that the equivalent in incandescent bulbs would use. You can choose the voltage or your strip lights—HitLights offers 12 volt strips as well as 24 volt strip lights. LED strip lights produce little to low heat. All these factors make LED strip lights a great choice if you want to save energy for conservation purposes or for economic ones. You simply can’t go wrong. 

Do LED lights really save money?

The US Department of Energy estimates that home lighting accounts for 15% of a home’s energy bills. They also say that the average home saved $225 a year by simply using LEDs. (Source: Lighting Choices to Save You Money | Department of Energy) Now you might think that amount is modest—until you take a bigger picture view. Consider these factors. First of all, these stats from Energy.gov are for only one year. If you use a high-quality product or opt for a premium LED strip light, such as we offer at HitLights, you are going to get many, many years of service out of your lights. Secondly, energy prices are going up—that fact is pretty much out of your control; in this situation the only thing you can do is control your usage. 

Finally, take into consideration the replacement expense. We’ve heard all the jokes about LEDs “costing an arm and a leg to save you an arm and a leg.” We understand where these Dad jokes come from, but the sentiment really is from the past and doesn’t apply anymore. Here’s the explanation. LEDs won’t need to be replaced at the rate of old-fashioned bulbs. Plus, the fact is that as the LED lighting industry has matured, the cost of manufacturing and production has gone down. Our industry as a whole has developed technology to make LED adoption easier and cost effective. And don’t forget, HitLights owns our own manufacturing production so we have no middlemen, no unnecessary production costs (it also allows us to create extensive OEM solutions, but that’s another story for another time.) 

We know that as you shop with HitLights, you are going to be pleased with our prices along with our selection. Also, it’s hard to put a price on no-hassle ordering, excellent customer service, helpful staff whose whole job is to make sure you get all the parts you need to finish the job the first time, speedy shipping—the easier HitLights makes it to get what you need to get your lighting installed and working, that’s money in the bank for you. 

Why are LEDs considered a “green” product? 

In addition to energy savings (green) and reducing waste (green) there is another important green feature of LED strip lighting. HitLights products are all made with non-toxic materials. You never have to worry about the composition materials that were used in the making of our products. 

Remember that LED strip lights create light using a diode. There are several other light products that use a variety of dangerous chemicals to create the illumination of their lights. Are you familiar with the protocol that is suggested when a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) or a long fluorescent tube light breaks? The chemical cleanup is far more wide ranging than one could ever imagine simply due to the substances used to make those variety of bulbs. 

Those safety elements and the concern around these types of lights contributed to a lack of adoption for the general public. It’s possible to go green using a great product that you are happy to have at home. 

LED strip lights just keep getting better and better

As we mentioned above, LEDs represent a breakthrough in technology that brought something created in the late 1800s into the current year. LED strip lights have always been associated with saving power and energy—and we’ve showed you why. If you take a lifetime product view of LED strip lights, you’ll start to see the value of purchasing lights, as well as start to see the benefits of money saved quickly. Finally, you get to use a product that is made with non-toxic materials. Do you need more details or maybe you just want to talk through some of these decisions with a knowledgeable helper. Our helpful HitLights staff is looking forward to talking to you today to get you started. 

We’re ready when you are to get started. Call to our team and start the conversation. Call us today at 1 (855) 768-4135. There’s not a better way to impact your wallet—positively! than by installing the LED strip lights from HitLIghts today.

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