25 Watt U-Series Dimmable Driver (Universal, ETL-Listed) - 12 Volt

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Product Features : 
• Control the brightness of your LED light strips with a wall dimmer 
• Compatible with all single color 12V LED light strips 
• ETL-Listed 
• 2 Year Warranty

25 Watts / 2 Amps / 12 Volts DC
  • 110V AC-12V DC Dimmable Transformer - Compatible w/ Lutron & Leviton - For Kitchens, Cabinets, Bedrooms & More. Hardwired. 25 watts.

    Our Dimmable Drivers offer an elegant control and dimming solution for any of your LED light strip projects. This 25 Watt Dimmable Driver allows you to control the brightness of your LED light strips with a dimmer switch mounted in your wall - a more elegant and permanent solution than a dial dimmer or remote unit.

    Additionally, the wide range of compatible wall dimmers means that you get to choose the wall dimmer that best suits your home, office, or other building. These drivers are manufactured to our exacting technical specifications here in the United States, meaning that we are able to offer an unsurpassed five-year warranty on these units. Our range of Dimmable Drivers are the ultimate solution in any of your LED lighting projects and are compatible with most Lutron and Leviton dimmer switches.

    Dimmable Drivers are NOT compatible with RGB or RGBW strips and controllers. 

  • Installation instructions :

    • Loosen screws on the terminal slots on the input side 
    • Insert load wire lead into the screw terminal slot labeled 'L'
    • Insert neutral wire lead into the screw terminal slot labeled 'N'
    • Tighten screws into the terminal slots on the input side
    • Loosen screws on the screw terminal slots on the output 12VDC side
    • Insert red or positive DC wire lead into the screw terminal slot labeled '+'
    • Insert black or negative DC wire lead into the screw terminal slot labeled '-'
    • Tighten screws into the terminal slots on the output side

  • Specifications :

    • Input : 120V AC 
    • Output : 12V DC
    • Dimensions : 154 x 54 x 19 mm (6-1/16 x 2-1/16 x 13/16 inches)
    • Compatible Lutron dimmers include Ariadni, Vareo, Nova, Ceana, Diva, Gyder, Lyneo, Nova T and Skylark 
    • Compatible Leviton dimmers include Mural, SureSlide, ToggleTouch and Vizia 
    • For more information regarding dimmer compatibility download our guide: LED Dimmer Compatibility Sheet Magnetic + Electronic

  • This Dimmable Driver is a Power Supply

    It converts your home's 110V AC power to 12V DC, which is used by most of our strips. Your dimmable driver needs to be rated above the total wattage of the strip you are using (see strip specifications tab for power requirements per foot of strip).

    This Dimmable Driver requires a dimmer switch to function

    We don't sell dimmer switches, but you can find them at most hardware stores. The manufacturer of our Dimmable Drivers, Magnitude, provides a list of compatible models here.

    This Dimmable Driver is not compatible with multicolor strips

    Multicolor strips require a non-dimmable power supply and a multicolor controller.

    This Dimmable Driver is easy to install.

    Check out our blog post on dimmable driver installation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works great with Hitlights LED strip light

I installed one of these to power outdoor Hitlights LED strip lights (3000K high density ~ 70 watt total) installed on the front porch. Works great, and functions well with a Lutron LED dimmer installed inline. Seems more than adequate for the application, no evidence of any excessive heat buildup. Highly recommended.

Greg Taylor
Very smooth and silent dimming with Insteon dimmer

I had been using Magnitude magnetic dimmers before now, but would always get some flicker or buzzing so I tried this, connected to an Insteon micro dimmer - and wow - beautiful result. Really smooth dimming down to around 7%, no flickering, humming, anything negative. It's also a nice contained package. So top marks for this.

Easy peasy

Easy to use, pleasing to view

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