8mm Single Color 3528- 6 Inch Any Angle Strip to Strip

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Our single color SMD 3528 LED light strip clip connectors are a simple, frustration-free solution for all of your flexible LED light strip and tape light connection and extension needs. These connectors install with a simple clasp attachment, meaning that you can easily achieve a safe and secure connection. Suitable for all LED light strip applications including kitchens, cabinets, bedrooms, shelving, ceiling uplighting, and displays.

These cables and accessories come in a variety of lengths and styles to meet your strip and ribbon lighting needs, including gapless, wired lengths from 6 inches to twelve feet, and strip to female DC barrel jack for connecting to your driver, power adapter cord or splitter. Suitable for any 8mm indoor, outdoor, or waterproof LEDs ( 12 volt and 24 volt ).

Six Inch Any-Angle Strip-to-Strip Connector (4 Pack)

Cut your LED strip on a cut point
Open the plastic clasp on the connector
Insert the LED light strip under the prongs - making sure to match the + and - on the strip to the + and - on the clasp
Close the clasp
Your connection is made!

Our connectors and extensions are fully bendable and are perfect for extending a run of the LED light strip across a gap, around an obstacle, or for making a bend, including L shape right-angle bends. See our full range of connectors and jumpers to connect to low-voltage electronic dimmers, power supplies, adapters, or a controller.

Specifications :
Internal Width: 8 mm (compatible with any 2-pin strips)
External Dimensions : 13.5 x 12.5 x 5 mm (5/8 x 1/2 x 3/16 inches)
Length: 6 inches
Gauge: 22 AWG
SKU: CON-08S-B00A-4PK/12PK

  • Reliable and easy to use cable jumper connection for bending your strips around a corner extending them across a gap or connecting them to a power supply or dimmer. Bendable to 90 Degree or any shape
  • These solderless connectors can be used by anyone. No tools soldering or electrical experience required. Connects directly to any 2Pin 8 mm PCB board. Compatible with both 12V and 24V strips
  • Connects easily to a cut section of LED light strip or rope light. Simply open the clasp make sure the strip aligns correctly with the connector and slide it underneath the Contact prongs pins
  • Compatible with all single color SMD3528 and other 8mm strips including warm White 3000K and cool white 5000K. Works with dimmable strip lights!
  • Premium quality. Backed by a one year from Hit Lights for peace of mind. Contact us at any time for no-hassle troubleshooting and replacement or for any questions about purchasing or installing.

Customer Reviews

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Dennis Zito
Garage under counter lights

Was my first time installing LED tape lights. I don’t have solder equipment or materials, and I didn’t like the idea of folding the tape and possibly ruining it. Went with the 6 inch connectors because I thought the 6 inch wire would also give me some flexibility. Ended up using 3 of the connectors that came in the pack. The finished product looks and works great. The only reason for not rating a 5 was because while positioning the tape (tucking up into corner) the downstream lights went out (lost connectivity). After repositioning the lights came back on and have been on ever since.

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