Control Light Output with LED Dimmable Drivers

HitLights LED Light Strip Controllers and Dimmers 12 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switch - 40 WattHitLights LED Light Strip Controllers and Dimmers 12 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switch - 40 Watt
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HitLights LED Light Strip Controllers and Dimmers 24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switch - 60 WattHitLights LED Light Strip Controllers and Dimmers 24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switch - 60 Watt
24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switch - 60 Watt
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HitLights LED Light Strip Controllers and Dimmers 24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switch - 100 WattHitLights LED Light Strip Controllers and Dimmers 24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switch - 100 Watt
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40 Watt M-Series Dimmable Driver (Magnetic, ETL, USA Assembled) - 24 Volt40 Watt M-Series Dimmable Driver (Magnetic, ETL, USA Assembled) - 24 Volt

Why You Should Choose HitLights LED Dimmable Drivers?

The advantages of LED dimmable drivers are endless. With the help of a dimmable driver, you can choose the best lighting for your project.

The benefits of LED dimmable lighting are well-known. In addition to being energy-saving, they provide comfort and safety in your home. A great option to control your lighting is one that provides the necessary features for an ideal environment. With a high-quality dimmable LED, you can be sure that your lights will always be bright.

A good driver will offer various features. For example, the dimmable LED will give you control over the brightness of LED lighting. The dimmable LED should have DIP switches on its front that will enable the user to change the output current.

It should also be compatible with TRIAC wall plate dimmers. A LED dimmable driver will be compatible with TRIAC wall plates and power supplies.

For your next LED light strip project, you can be sure that our dimmable drivers offer you a sophisticated control and dimming solution for your needs. To learn more about our products, you can check out our collection or you may contact us at HitLights today.

Controlling the light output of LED lights is becoming more important as the LED lighting business evolves.

Many LED indoor and outdoor lighting applications, including LED horticultural lighting, LED residential lighting, LED street lamps, LED signage, LED decorative and architectural lighting, LED theatre/stage lighting, LED lighting, and LED large screen displays, use our dimmable LED power supplies.

When replacing current incandescent or fluorescent under-cabinet lighting or an electrical outlet controlled by a wall switch, dimmable power supplies, also known as LED drivers, are a wonderful alternative.

Simply connect the dimmable driver to the existing outlet wiring and use an AC dimmer to replace the on/off AC switch.

LED drivers are the best solution for LED lighting fixtures that require continuous and smooth dimming drivers. This technology helps to extend the lifespan of LED bulbs. This product offers a range of features that are beneficial to the user.

Newer models are PWM-enabled, and some of them accept a variety of low voltage power supplies, including 0 to 10 V. Another advantage of these drivers is that they enable users to control the brightness of the LEDs without affecting the rated output.

For LEDs supplied with an LED dimmable driver, it is important to consider their suitability. This feature can make them ideal for varying tasks and environments, and also enhance their lifespan. An LED driver should be designed to meet the needs of LED dimming drivers.

A dimmable LED light source is more energy-efficient than a traditional bulb. When it comes to dimming drivers, it is best to choose an LED-Dimmable driver that can handle the demand.

Choosing a driver with dimmable functionality is an important consideration for office managers. A high-quality LED driver will allow you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs according to the requirements of your workers.

If you need to adjust the intensity of the light, look for a driver that has a wide range of settings. A good LED driver will be compatible with a wide variety of luminaires. If you're unsure, check the compatibility of the LED drivers with the different LED lighting systems.

These drivers feature constant current, which prevents the LED from overheating. Designed to work with the latest LED bulbs, these dimmable drivers deliver a consistent current to the LED. This means that the driver is able to compensate for changes in input voltage.

A high-quality constant current driver also helps prevent thermal runaway. Finally, these LED drivers can be used in outdoor lighting. However, you must consider the type of lighting fixture or application that you're planning to install.

One benefit of dimmable drivers is their low inrush current. Because they require no electrical connections to the panel, they can operate in extreme weather conditions.

Direct sunlight can cause the temperature of LED drivers to rise above the maximum operating temperature. Therefore, direct sunlight is not a good location to install them.

You can choose LED drivers with a lower inrush current, making it easier to choose the right components for your panel.

The benefits of LED drivers include extended LED lamp life. Moreover, they save energy. The LEDs are extremely efficient and can last years when properly maintained.

Using a driver with dimming system capabilities will ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. It will also increase the value of your investments by saving on energy. So, the next time you need to buy a new LED, make sure to choose the right driver for your project.

At HitLights, we ensure that we provide only the highest quality LED drivers for your needs.

A LED dimmable driver is compatible with all types of lighting. Its performance is affected by the driver. Some commercial led strip lights can be too bright while others can be too dark.

In order to achieve optimal results, choose a driver that offers both options. A driver is an essential part of an LED system. A dimmable LED light can improve the light quality of the installation and a good driver will eliminate flicker and glare.

Dimmable LED drivers range in multiple power supplies from 25 to 300watts. The wattage required by your LED architectural lighting determines the amount of power supply required for your application.

You need to determine how many watts your lamp will use. If you want to run more than one light from a single power supply, add the wattages together to get the total watts used.

Give yourself a 20% buffer over the total wattage you calculate from your LEDs to ensure you have a large enough power supply.

LED lights that already have resistors or constant current drivers can be powered using a constant voltage power supply—these products will almost always require a steady DC voltage.

Each lighting project begins with a concept. You have an idea of what you want to do, but you're not sure how to go about it. This is where we can help, we've worked on LED lighting projects of all sizes and scopes before.

Our LED experts can help you choose the proper parts, and give you an estimate to put everything together in making sure you get exactly what you want for your project.

We can assist you in making your lighting concepts a reality. Our LED experts are knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly—specializing in high-quality, UL-certified lighting solutions with quick project turnaround times, and a wide range of configurable lighting components.

We invent new methods to use LED Strip Lighting technology in homes, businesses, art projects, and retail venues all around the country.

Premium LED lights are small, unobtrusive lighting devices that may be mounted directly on most surfaces for professional-quality lighting effects. Our Premium LED Strip Lighting outperforms standard strips found in many plug-and-play solutions from other vendors in terms of quality and density.

Our premium LED strip lighting is manufactured in a UL-certified facility and includes higher-quality LEDs, a thicker and more durable strip, and is meant to give a safe, certified, and professional installation.

Contractors and electricians want to utilize only UL-certified equipment, which has fast become the gold standard in professional purchasing. The UL certification ensures that the product you're selling complies with the entire US national electrical code, as well as any local codes that may apply in your area.

Since its inception in 2010 as part of the Louisiana State University Business Incubator Program, HitLights has specialized in LED services.

We've established ourselves as a prominent participant and well-known brand in the American Strip Lighting LED industry, notably among designers, contractors, electricians, and fabrication businesses in both the commercial and residential sectors.

To learn more about our LED stip lighting products, contact us at HitLights today.

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Yes, but you need to understand the power requirements and the functions of control, the answer is not that simple of a yes or no.

It really depends on your installation and your components. The first thing to determine is if the driver is separate and accessible or if it is integrated with the LEDs.

Our led dimmable drivers are manufactured to be dimmable and provide the correct power consumption for your projects.

Yes, but you need power and a dimmable form of control. You won't be able to dim lights with just a dimmable driver, you would also need a form of control.

Controlling the current that flows through the stacked layers of the material that conducts electricity, mounted on a substrate lets dimmable drivers adjust the level of brightness for LED lighting.

LED drivers rectify higher-voltage alternating current and turn it to a lower-voltage.

This part can be too tricky and would be best to ask help from a professional. Drop us a message.

LED drivers are power regulators. A circuit that is responsible for regulating and supplying the ideal current to the LED.

The LED driver provides power and regulates the variable needs of LEDs by providing a constant amount of power, as their properties change with temperature.

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